Understanding websites built in HTML5

What is an HTML Website Template?

If you are not familiar with how web site HTML code works when used in websites and also web templates, check the What are HTML Web Templates definitions page.

HTML5 Web Templates

You have probably heard about HTML5 in the news or from friends or perhaps you have read about it on other websites. HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML, the code used for website building, and will eventually replace the current standard HTML 4.01 as the code of choice for websites. Web templates can be built in HTML 4.01 or in HTML5.

"Allwebco Design is dedicated to providing our clients with website designs optimized for viewing in the widest variety of web browsers and mobile devices."

Does Allwebco Offer HTML5 Web Templates?

Yes. We offer a selection of HTML5 website template models including: Garden websites, Minisites, drop menu designs Bizzy, Our Earth plus other business websites and drop menu designs. Art & photography and musician website templates. Dynamic intro single page HTML5 designs. Tablet, mobile and iPad optimized business, light and DLX website templates. Mobile configured mobi-Hybrid sites. Available also is our HTML5 popup video addon for any website or website template. All of our HTML5 web templates are backward compatible for optimal display in older non-HTML5 browsers like IE6, 7, 8, and others, as well as being fully compliant with newer browsers like IE 10 and 11, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

HTML5 Drop Menu Web Templates

HTML5 Mobile Website Templates

Also available, and built in HTML5 code, are our mobi-Hybrid Web Templates and our mobi-Hybrid Business Web Templates. Our mobi-Hybrid HTML5 web templates are built to look best on mobiles like smartphones and tablet computers, while still working like a regular website on laptops and PC and Mac desktop computers.

Additionally, because HTML5 is subsume (works in concert with other HTML) code, HTML5 is being used in many of our other website templates when it is the best choice. All video in our templates is HTML5 and almost all audio as well, and eventually all our templates will be built in HTML5. At this time our Minisite models, iPad & tablet web templates and mobile web templates exclusively use HTML5 code. See more HTML5 details in support or you can search on our website for HTML5 to view templates built in HTML5 or that include the new video or audio code.

HTML5 Ministe Website Templates

Is HTML5 the Best Choice For Building a Website?

Although HTML5 is actually still in development, it is right now the code that most websites are changing to. Because it is not fully supported in many older browsers still in use, all of our HTML5 web templates are all built to be backward compatible using the most current web standards in all the designs, including the CSS, Javascript and HTML template code.

HTML 4.01 will always work and be viewable in modern web browser software. In the case of HTML5, if a website is built using only the latest HTML5 code, in some cases, if the designer did not take older browser software into account, it may make the website unviewable on a large percent of older web browsers still in use. Browsers that do not fully support HTML5 will be unable to properly render a website built exclusively using the new code. HTML 4.01 is a tested and stable code and is considered an excellent choice for any web development project.

"All our HTML5 web templates are all built to be backward compatible for viewing in older web browsers."

Although HTML5 is being heavily pushed by companies like Apple, most web developers and designers believe that an "HTML5 code only website" is not ready for full website implementation at this time. A website built totally using HTML5 (without testing for older browser compatibility), that will be viewable in all web browsers, may not be possible for many years to come. Detection can be added to any website to allow for older browsers, however, this may cause the website code to be complicated to create, update and maintain. Our designs do not include this type of detection to keep the code simple and lean. We create websites that are backward compatible while still maintaining full W3C compliance.

How Different is HTML5 From HTML 4.01?

Actually, there is very little difference between HTML5 and the older HTML 4.01 standard. A lot of the hype surrounding HTML5 is the implementation of "web standards", however, in the end these standards are not really standard at all. The standard video and audio once touted as the strength of HTML5 actually is more of a weakness because HTML5 requires at least 4 different video formats and 2 audio formats to play media in all popular browsers. See sections below on this page.

HTML5 was originally envisioned to standardize web code, but other than audio and video it does not bring anything new or revolutionary to the table (the CSS3 code is what actually allows for more dynamic designs). For any animation, the long standing Javascript code standards, or Flash, still must be used in concert with the new code. HTML5 does not include any "built-in" animation or motion or even any new interactivity standards in the code definitions. In reality HTML5 is HTML 4.01 code with some minor tweaks and renamed code "tags".

"All HTML5 web templates built by Allwebco Design use HTML5 and CSS code that is compliant with W3C web standards."

HTML5 Website Template Issues & Drawbacks:

HTML5 & Audio/Video

HTML5 does not support a single video or audio format for all browsers. This means that when adding audio or video to a webpage using only HTML5 code, multiple videos are required for display across all browsers. Until a standard is set for audio and video using HTML5, this will create extra work for webmasters.

HTML5 Penetration

Not all web browsers that are currently being used are HTML5 compatible. There is still a large number of users that can not correctly render an HTML5 website. This indicates that if a website is built exclusively using HTML5, the site will not render in half of the browsers in use. Additionally, the 50% HTML5 statistics may be distorted in favor of the vast number of devices over desktop and laptop computers that support HTML5 while not considering that the percent of PCs that do not support HTML5 may be much higher. iPhone and iPad will have a large impact on these numbers.

HTML5 & Animation

Adobe Flash is the most popular animation creation software ever created. Users new to Flash can create a web animation in a matter of hours using the Adobe Flash interface and tutorials included with Flash software. With HTML5, creating animations is an involved process and entails writing script codes and working with raw source code to create animations. Press from Apple corporation has indicated that Adobe Flash is an "older outdated application". The facts are that Flash is still the number one web animation software and is a much easier way to animate a website than using HTML5 and Javascript. However, poor Flash browser support from Apple and what appears to be a personal issue between Adobe and Apple has muddied this issue and caused much confusion. Before Flash appeared in 1996, all animation was created using HTML and Javascript. If you are creating animation for iPad and iPhone, it will need to be created using HTML and Javascript. The dispute between Apple and Adobe has actually caused webmasters to go back to older and outdated ways to create animation.

Using jQuery Animation and Scripts With HTML5 Websites

jQuery is a javascript function library. The pre-set scripts in the jQuery base file allow for easy implementation of animation and other Javascript elements into HTML webpages. It is free, open source software that was created to simplify client-side scripts in HTML pages.

jQuery animation and functions can be added to both HTML 4.01 and HTML5 web templates and is included in many of our designs. See design features for more info.

See also jquery.com and also jQuery at Wikipedia

HTML5 & Ease of Use

It is a common misconception that HTML5 is easier to work with than previous versions of HTML. In essence, HTML5 is the same type of code as the last HTML revision of HTML 4.01. HTML5 does not offer easier webpage code editing, creation or implementation. Animation, video and audio can be added to HTML5 as well as HTML 4.01 websites.

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