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Continuous Website Sound

Continuous Website Music:

This HTML application will add continuous website music to any type of website or to any web template. Can be used for website audio messages or mp3 song files or even for video. Can be setup to open on click or with the autostart function.

Check It Out:
Click the small icons on the left to start or stop the sound. A frame will open at the bottom of this page. Once the sound is started, click a menu link on this page like the "Reviews" or "Template Map" buttons and the sound will stay open as you navigate (sound will stop when an order button is clicked). Add-on includes icon links, text links, autostart, frame size, and player color options. View sample website.

Continuous Website Music White Player
Continuous Website Music Black Player

Continuous Sound Options:
  • Easy to add
  • Plays standard mp3 or wav files
  • Works on any website or template
  • Step by step instructions are included
  • Includes 4 songs and can have unlimited songs added
  • Includes browser detection and HTML5 plus fallback code
  • Other players can be added to replace the HTML5 player code
  • Items can be added in the frame like video, images, banners, etc
  • You will need to add only one line of code to your existing webpages
  • Uses dynamic Javascript to create the player frame
  • Can be used for an audio mp3 message or mp3 music
  • Soundframe will not make a site a "framed" site
  • Works with both HTML5 and HTML 4.01 websites
  • Black and white version are both included
  • Includes open on click and autostart option
  • Frame/player height is editable
  • Tested in all newer web browsers
  • View support page
  • View help page
  • View users agreement
  • Example website

Cross Browser - Cross-Device Compatibility:
The continuous music application is setup to work in all popular modern browsers that allow mp3s to be played, as well as most smartphones and tablet devices. The following is a compatibility table.

IE < 9
Streams in some versions
IE 9+
Both PC and Mac
Best with ogg option on, mp3 uses fallback code
Both PC and Mac
Best with ogg option on, mp3 uses fallback code
iPhone does not allow autostart, player is clickable
iPad does not allow autostart, player is clickable
Some Versions
Some Versions
* In some versions, app may be required for mp3

All source code is included with the download. Frame area can be edited using any plain text editor. Includes black and white player color themes, more color themes can be created. Only standard HTML pages and .gif and .jpg images are used for easy customization. Frame size is fully editable and more items can be added to the soundframe like video, Flash players, images, banners and animations.

HTML5 Music Code With Fallback:
The mp3 player script includes default code for all popular browsers plus iPad and iPhone with detection for the highest compatibility. The player will detect if a browser supports HTML5, if not it will fallback to older mp3 player code. NOTE: Mp3s will not automatically start on iPad and iPhone due to limitations in Safari mobile.

Flexible HTML Pages:
The SoundFrame uses standard HTML pages for the 4 songs. You can replace the default player code with your own mp3 player code. Optionally, you can also include any other website applications in the HTML pages like video, .jpg images, banners, advertisements, Google AdSense, and website links.

Price: $12.00

Allwebco Add-On - Continuous Website Music Player

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Mp3 Continuous Music Player

Please pass on that; whoever designed the coding and the built in help "knows what they are doing". It is a real pleasure dealing with that type of code. Clean, logical and concise. I am not a programmer just someone who is computer literate. Richard Sperber
I'm writing to tell you that I love your products. I've never needed tech support from you since the help files are perfect.
Lennell Dunbar
Thank you. As always - your support is exceptional.
Doug Shackell
Allwebco definitely has one of the best customer services I have ever dealt with, your company is great.
Justin Lee
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Continuous Website Music Player

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Continuous Website Music Soundframe:
Continuous sound, music, video or messages for any website or any website template. The continuous music soundframe application includes all files required to add this to any website, step by step instructions and e-mail support. Flash software is not required for any editing. All included files can be edited using any plain text editor.

Allwebco Add-on Application Details: (No monthly fees!)
Allwebco add-on applications are setup to work on any website or on any website template. These upgrades all include step by step instructions for any user. The .fla files for these applications are not included as they are not needed to customize these applications. Although created to be used with Allwebco templates, these upgrades can be added to any other brand template or can even be added to an existing HTML website of any type. Support is included for Allwebco users and for non-Allwebco users as well, however, support may not cover some problems encountered when setting this up on an existing site.

When to Order a Template Add-on:
It is strongly suggest that you order an add-on only once you have downloaded your Allwebco template, gone through the steps on the help page and have become familiar with editing your template.

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