Flash Web templates
HTML5 Intro Pages

NEW! Mobile Sub-Site Upgrade
Mobile Friendly Upgrade
Add a mobile sub-website to any existing website. Improve your mobile SEO.
Virtual Tour Add-On
Virtual Tour Add-On
Six tour HTML5 popup pages, expandable. Included optional Paypal cart, five css color themes, standard .jpg images.
F.A.Q. Add-On
F.A.Q. Add-On
Dual add-on with dynamic on-page and/or ten FAQ HTML popup pages, expandable. editable colors, standard .jpg images.
Free jQuery Cycle Slideshow
jQuery Cycle Slideshow Add-On
Free dynamic image slideshow application. Plain text HTML / CSS Javascript. set speeds, sizes, add slides, etc.
CSS Mobile Detection Add-On
CSS Mobile Detection Overlay
For any website. CSS code detects the browser width and displays a link selection box on mobile devices. Editable.
Free Character IconsFlash applications
Flash Help Guys Add-On
Creates site interest. Character icons and sounds free for use on any type of website either personal or business.
HTML5 Video Player
HTML5 Video Add-On
Add unlimited HTML5 video players to any website or web template. Flash-free HTML5. Use any video quality or size.
Continuous Website Sound
Continuous Website Sound Add-On
Continuous mp3 music or audio message for any website or web template. HTML5 code with fallback for older browsers.
xmp3mini Mp3 Player
Flash Mini Mp3 Player Add-On
Add unlimited Flash / HTML5 mp3 players to any website. 12 skins included. Plain text editing. With autostart option.
Square Peach Royalty Free Music
Square Peach Royalty Free Music
Royalty free music for any website or media project. Unlimited mp3 usage with no reuse payments required.
Free Responsive HTML5 Intro Pages
Flash Skinnable Mini-Video
Free for use on any type of website both personal or business. Includes editable responsive Media Queries CSS code.
Single Page Intros
Single page HTML5 jQuery Intro Pages
Single page HTML5 designs with jQuery animation. Can be used as a website or as an intro page. 2 designs included.
Skinnable Mp3 Audio Player
Flash Skinnable Mp3 Audio Player Template Add-On
Add five Flash / HTML5 messages or mp3 songs to any website or web template. Skinnable, Flash software not required.
Free Template Add-ons
Free Website and Template Add-on applications
Free add-ons for any Allwebco template or website. Includes news scrollers, free intro pages, audio / video and more.

Template Specific Add-ons
Add-ons created for specific template models. Note: All Allwebco add-ons listed above on this page will work for any template model including the models listed below.

Allwebco Website Add-on Details

Flash design applications and add-ons can be used on any type of website or website template. Step by step instructions and support are included. COLORS can be changed on any add-on including all background colors. Flash design applications can be used on HTML, PHP and ASP websites and will work with any hosting company. Flash design applications include the source .fla file and all other source files, except for mp3 player type applications. Mp3 players do not include the source .fla file because it is not required. All Flash design applications are created by Allwebco Design and are sold exclusively on the Allwebco website.

Ordering Custom Add-ons or Pages

If you are interested in having a custom addon created by Allwebco, or extra page type, for any website template model or design we offer please contact us for a price quote. Example: some commonly custom ordered add-ons are: PDF downloads page, quotes form page, videos page, modified Flash animation.

HTML, Flash & jQuery For Any Website

Allwebco Flash, jQuery and HTML applications are built in basic HTML and/or Adobe Flash. All addons can be added to any type of website including HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP and others. Allwebco templates are not required for these add-on applications. Can be used with any type of hosting from any hosting company.