HTML5 Mini-Site Website Templates
Minisite Template Add-ons

Built in "Web Standards" HTML5 & CSS

Includes compatibility for mobile, as well as older non-HTML5 browsers

Minisite Basic

Best starter template:
Basic includes 4 pages; Home, about, services and contact.
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Minisite Basic HTML5 Web Template

Minisite Gallery

Expandable gallery slideshow:
6 pages; Home, about, clients, contact, gallery slideshow, links.
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Minisite Slideshow Gallery HTML5 Web Template

Minisite Merchant

Paypal shopping cart:
5 pages; Home, about, contact, links, products with Paypal cart.
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Minisite Merchant HTML5 Web Template

Minisite Video

Expandable HTML5 video:
Includes 6 pages; Home, about, links, 2 video pages, and contact.
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Mini-Site Video HTML5 Web Templates
Minisite HTML5 Video Web Template
Minisite HTML5 Web Template Packages

Discount Packages

Order multiple Minis & save:
Save $50.00 when you order the five pack of minisite templates.
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Minisite Business HTML5 Template

Minisite Business

Contact and quotes form pages:
6 pages; Home, about, clients, contact, quotes, PDF downloads.
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Minisite Drop Menu HTML5 Web Template

Minisite Drop Menus

Full Minisite or menu add-on:
13 pages; Home, about, HTML slideshows, dynamic FAQ, PDFs.
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Minisite Mp3 Musician HTML5 Website Template

Minisite Mp3 Musician

Expandable mp3 players:
6 pages; Home, about, press, samples (expandable), contact.
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Mp3 Mini-Site HTML5 Audio Web Templates

Minisite HTML5 Template Add-ons

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Allwebco Minisites Webpage Templates

No monthly or hidden fees: Allwebco Minisite templates are basic HTML5 web templates with text or graphic headers and easy to replace .jpg and .gif images. Any Minisites from a Minisite group can be combined with any other Minisite. All template models listed on this page are in the "mini05" group so you can purchase any number of models and combine them for extra features and to add new page types. Plain text global menu, sidebar, footer and header. No special software is required for editing any text, images, mp3s or HTML5 videos. W3C HTML5 Compliant. View more details.

Support & More

No graphics knowledge and no special software required. Each Minisite includes a step-by-step instruction page for quick setup. Allwebco Minisite templates are compatible with any server and can be set up with any hosting company. These Minisite templates are compatible with all newer browsers. IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. Mini sites templates are basic HTML5 web templates with replaceable .jpg and .gif images, text or graphic header. Minisites from a Minisite group can be combined. The templates on the page you are on are in the "mini05" group so you can purchase any number of models and combine them for extra features. EXAMPLE: The first template on the page is the mini05 Basic model. If you purchase this model, and would like to add an image gallery and links page you can purchase the "mini05 Gallery" and easily combine the two templates. More details.

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HTML5 Websites

Each template includes all standard .jpg images that can be replaced with your own .jpg pictures. No graphics knowledge or special software is required to setup any template for your custom project. Flash-free HTML5 designs. Website templates include CSS style rollover effects and other Javascript and CSS features. Written in HTML5, template downloads include all source code used for the build, step by step instructions, access to our searchable support center and timely e-mail support. Can be used with any hosting company. Compatible in all newer web browsers. IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. For Mac or PC. Read F.A.Q.

Paypal & 2CO Cart Details

The Paypal shopping cart included in most templates can be used to display any item you would like to sell on-line. A Paypal account is free to setup. Options can be added to the Paypal buttons for sizes, colors or any other option you need. Click here for options details. Some templates may include a 2CO shopping cart. There is a small charge to setup a 2CO account.

What Makes Allwebco Templates Your Best Choice?

Most template companies provide graphic dependent templates. This means that you will need advanced graphics editing knowledge to add new items to the template menu or change any template colors. Click to view our color editing support page. Other templates usually include only 2 pages, a home page and one sample subpage. Unlike Allwebco templates these are not complete websites. Contact forms may not be included. Allwebco templates are not Flash websites. We offer HTML5 web templates that are built for optimal SEO ranking at Google and other search engines. Flash templates include no page text for search engines to see and list. Any Allwebco template is returnable within 30 days for a full refund, any template can be upgraded at a later date with full credit for the original purchase and updates are free indefinitely. When we update any template you can request a new free download. Allwebco also offers many Free template add-ons and many hundreds of pages of information in our searchable template support center.

Minisite Options

  • Basic HTML5 designs
  • Contact forms included
  • Editing notes in all pages
  • Order with or without hosting
  • Flash-free HTML5 and CSS design
  • Change colors, font sizes, etc
  • Edit pages in Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Notepad
  • Read Our F.A.Q.
  • No hidden fees!

Minisite Details

  • Helpful setup options
  • Step by step setup guide
  • No graphics knowledge is required
  • Access to our  Support Center is included
  • Quick inexpensive way to set up a website
  • The work is done by you, saving you money
  • Professional designs you can't get anywhere else
  • More Details
  • No monthly fees!

Allwebco templates are exclusively sold at the Allwebco website. These designs are not available anywhere else.