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Allwebco web page templates are the only templates built as complete websites, subsequently, our selection may be more limited than other template companies. Our sites are designed to be flexible enough that any webpage design can be used for any type of project. Below are some of the styles of template layouts that we offer.

Google AdSense Ready
Drop menu for business

Business - Drop Menus

Business type - With built-in mobile sub-site
Left global sidebar design HTML5 webpage templates. Includes multiple color themes. CSS drop down menus and integrated mobile website. Can be ordered with or without site hosting and a domain. Step-by-step instructions and support included.
Built-in mobile sub website

Business Styles

Includes homepage interactive jQuery animation
Homepage splash image with jQuery text slideshow and intergated mobile version website. Available with drop menus and Youtube video pages. Order with or without hosting and a domain. Flash-free HTML5 CSS design. Instructions and support included.
Includes Integrated mobile sub-website

HTML5 Business
HTML5 web page templates

Slideshow webpage template
Photography jQuery Slideshows for Business

Drop Menu Business Web Templates

Drop menus and integrated mobile sub-website
jQuery slideshow intro HTML5 web templates. Available with drop menus. Drop menu templates include multiple color themes, Youtube video and integrated mobile website. Can be ordered with or without hosting and a domain. Step-by-step instructions and support included.
With Intergated mobile website

Garden HTML5 Designs

Includes drop menus & Lytebox gallery
HTML5 jQuery homepage interactive slideshow, drop menus, multi-field contact form. Tablet and mobile friendly. Lytebox gallery and slideshow. Order with or without hosting and a domain. Flash-free design. Comprehensive instructions and support included.

HTML webpage template
HTML web page templates

Drop Menu Design
Built With HTML5 / CSS

Built-in Drop Menus

Developer quality large scale websites
Flash animated with detection for non-Flash browsers and mobile. Drop down menus, multiple gallery pages, PDF downloads, quotes and contact forms built-in. Can be ordered with or without a domain name and web hosting. Flash software is not required. Comprehensive instructions & support are included.

Mobile - Developers

HTML5 / CSS responsive designs
Mobile business developer grade websites. Includes image gallery, integrated video, PDF downloads, contact and quotes forms. Responsive for all devices. Order with or without a domain name and web hosting. Detailed instructions and support included.

Mobile responsive design
mobi-Hybrid websites

Photography webpage templates
Photography web page template

Photography Web Page Templates

Available in many styles for different budgets
Art & photography webpage HTML template designs. Includes image viewing scripts, built in watermarks and optional Paypal shopping cart. Can be ordered with or without hosting and a domain. Models may include jQuery or Flash animation with detection. Step-by-step instructions & support included.

GraphiX Web Page Templates

Includes integrated matching HTML5 mobile website
Full image background HTML5 webpage templates with mobile. Includes quotes form, 3 page expandable Lytebox gallery and more. Can be ordered with or without web hosting and a domain name. Flash-free HTML design. Step by step instructions and support included.
Includes matching mobile website

Graphix with mobile
Graphix includes integrated mobile website

Webmaster Developer Grade
Developer Quality for Webmasters

Webmaster Design Templates

Professional business layouts for larger websites
Dual left and top menu design HTML5 website templates. Webmaster designs include multiple color themes, forms, PDF downloads, gallery and more. Can be ordered with or without site hosting and a domain. Flash software is not required. Step-by-step instructions and support included.

Budget Responsive Websites

HTML5 / CSS basic web templates - Flex Design
Eight page starter designs for new webmasters. Google Fonts and responsive design, contact page and more. Available in south western, cooking, relationships, political, pets and sports themes. Comprehensive instructions and support included.

Budget sites
Basic HTML5 designs

Budget corporate design
Budget HTML5

Responsive Budget Business

Responsive design for small scale corporate sites
Dual menus for expandability, social link setup, Google site search, HTML5 / CSS3. Features include two expandable image galleries with Paypal cart option included, PDF downloads page, both quotes and contact forms, jQuery homepage dynamic slideshow animation. Setup instructions and support included.

Budget mobi-Hybrid®

Small sites for mobile - responsive design
14 page designs for new users. Available in city, sports, relationships, social people, nature and technology themes. Step by step help and support are included. Works with any hosting company. Smartphone optimized.

Mobile nature theme
Mobile city theme

Realtor websites
Realty web designs

Real Estate Web Templates

Complete websites with built in forms and features
Mobile compatible jQuery homepage animated slideshow, MLS/IDX search page (non-functional), 15 field contact form, PDF downloads page, multiple home gallery pages, social links setup. Available with or without drop menus. HTML5 CSS3 design. Instructions included. Works with any hosting company.

Business Webpage Templates

With included forms and built-in mobile detection
Right global menu design HTML webpage templates. Available with contact and quotes form. Can be ordered with or without hosting and a domain. Flash software is not required. Step-by-step instructions and support included. With mobile detection.

Business webpage designs
Business web page templates

Resume / Portfolio
Portfolio and Resume

Resume' Portfolio

For the performing arts
Designed for actors, dancers, agents and performing artists. Includes: Biography page, contact form, four photo galleries, slideshow, headshot page. Social setup: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+. Homepage eight image jQuery changer. Works with any hosting company. Setup instructions included.

jQuery With Mobile Websites

Includes gallery, slideshow and mobile sub-website
jQuery intro HTML webpage design templates with mobile version website. Includes expandable gallery. Can be ordered with or without hosting and a domain. Flash-free mobile friendly design. Step-by-step instructions and support included.

jQuery intro
Mobile friendly jQuery intro

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What Are Web Page Templates?

Webpage templates are pre-constructed websites that are a low cost substitute for having a website custom designed. They are generally non-proprietary and can be setup using any hosting company on any type of hosting server. Web page templates may be built using HTML, XHTML, PHP or ASP code. HTML is the most popular coding used to create web page templates. Webpage templates work much the same as a professionally designed website in that once setup, the webpage template can be optimized for search engines and scripts, video, animations, applications, links, advertisements and banner ads, new content and images can all be added to expand the website. Web page templates are the best starting point to have a professionally designed and optimized website. Allwebco webpage templates include features and scripts already built-in to give any website a professional startup. View Allwebco template features.

Web Page Template Details No monthly or hidden fees

Built to W3C compliant specifications, all Allwebco HTML and HTML5 websites include multiple pre-formatted pages, contact forms, global css style files, plain text or graphic headers and global footers and menus to allow for quick site updates. Designs may include some or all of the following webpages: Home, About, Clients, News or Press, Resources or Links, Products or Services, Career Opportunities, Photography Gallery, Contact Form, PDF download link page, testimonials page and thanks pages for the contact or quotes form and Paypal cart pages. Webpages can be copied and / or renamed, then re-formatted for another objective on the website. Editing the plain text "menu.js" with the new page name updates all webpages on the site at one time.

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HTML Webpage Templates

Every Allwebco HTML web template is built using standard replaceable or editable .jpg stock images. No graphics knowledge or extra software is required to modify the website for your custom web project. HTML and HTML5 designs may include jQuery or Flash animations that do not require Flash software to update the body of text, or any of the stock JPG images. CSS global style mouseover effects are included along with other built-in Javascript and CSS features. Written in basic HTML, all HTML web template downloads include all source code used for the build, step by step instructions, access to our HTML web template support center and timely e-mail support. Can be used with any hosting company. Compatible in all newer web browsers. IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc. For Mac or PC. Read F.A.Q.

Why Allwebco Webpage Templates Are Your Best Choice

Many HTML webpage template providers offer graphic based template designs. Graphics editing knowledge is required to add new items to the template menu or change any template colors. Click to view our color editing support page. Other HTML web templates may include only 2 pages, a home page and one sample subpage. Unlike Allwebco HTML web templates, these are not complete websites. Contact forms may not be included. Allwebco HTML web templates are not Flash websites. All our webpage designs are HTML web templates. In general any website template that is created in Flash will have two drawbacks: 1. You will need Flash software and training to edit your webpage. 2. Flash only HTML webpage templates will list poorly in search engines like Google. Flash templates include no page text for search engines to see and list. Any Allwebco HTML web template is returnable within 30 days for a full refund, any HTML web template can be upgraded at a later date with full credit for the original purchase and webpage template updates are free indefinitely. When we update any HTML web template you can request a new free download. Allwebco HTML web templates also offers many Free template add-ons and hundreds of pages of information in our searchable HTML webpage template support center.

HTML Details

  • No monthly fees.
  • Basic HTML template designs.
  • Contact forms included.
  • Editing notes in all pages.
  • Order with or without hosting.
  • Edit Flash animation in Notepad.
  • Change colors, font sizes, etc.
  • Edit pages in Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Notepad.
  • Read Our F.A.Q.

HTML Options

  • No monthly fees.
  • Helpful setup options.
  • Step by step setup guide.
  • No graphics knowledge is required.
  • Access to our  Support Center is included.
  • Quick inexpensive way to set up a website.
  • The work is done by you, saving you money.
  • Professional HTML designs you can't get anywhere else.
  • More Details

Allwebco HTML web templates are exclusively sold at the Allwebco website. These designs are not available anywhere else.