ADA Compliance

ADA stands for "Americans with Disabilities Act". This act creates standards, overseen by the U.S. Department of Justice, that require companies to offer and maintain websites that individuals with disabilities can easily use and access. The act states that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities.

Organizations that need to adhere to ADA rules:
  • State and local government agencies
  • Private employers with 15 or more employees
  • Businesses that operate for the benefit of the public

Your business may not need to adhere to these requirements, however, ADA tags are included with all 2021 Allwebco templates. ADA tags create no extra work during setup if not required, but will be in place if needed in the future.

ADA in Allwebco Templates

For a website to be ADA compliant, the following are some general modifications. Most modifications for ADA compliance need to be done during setup so as to be tailored for the individual business.

ADA built into Allwebco templates (level A compliance):
  • Image "alt" tags (edit during setup).
  • Graphics are accompanied by detailed text descriptions (edit during setup).
  • Linked image alt tags include graphic detail and link destination (edit during setup).
  • Page titles (headings) clearly describe page content (edit during setup).
  • Form fields use a logical tab order.
  • Text input form fields include the "label" tag.
  • Buttons and links are clearly and logically named.
  • Videos include captions.
  • No repeatedly flashing or strobing images.
  • All code is W3C valid HTML/CSS.
  • See for more details.

Items on the above list are included with all 2021 Allwebco template models. There are additional ADA compliance rules not listed above due to them being required only as special cases. See Accessibility at W3C for more details. Because Allwebco templates are standard HTML and CSS, any and all ADA rules can be added by the user in any template on any of the webpages.

Developer Grade Design

All Allwebco webpage layouts are stand alone zip file downloads built for novice users as well as professional web developers. Designs include pre-formatted html pages for all common website purposes. Built in features as well as integrated Javascripts and jQuery allow for dynamic slideshows and photo galleries, drop down menus, animated jQuery slideshows, PDF downloads, contact and quotes forms as well as Youtube video integration. Css style files, the header, footer, menu and sidebars are global files so a single edit will update the entire website.

Our designs are used for business, personal, stores, schools, organizations, local and national government agencies, non-profit organizations, and more worldwide. Search above on this webpage for any business, product or website application or feature to view some available designs.