Magic the Gathering hand painted altered cards by Erich
Ankh of Mishra Ankh of Mishra
Asnods Altar Asnods Altar
Basalt Monolith Basalt Monolith
Grim Monolith Coat of Arms
Dimir Signet Dimir Signet
Grafted Exoskeleton Grafted Exoskeleton
Grim Monolith Blue Sky Grim Monolith
Grim Monolith Grim Monolith
Grim Monolith LOTR Grim Monolith (LOTR)
Ivory Tower Ivory Tower
Lifeline Lifeline
Mana Vault Mana Vault
Memory Jar Memory Jar
Nevinyrrals Disk Nevinyrral's Disk
Nevinyrrals Disk (Chaos Orb) Nevinyrral's Disk (Chaos Orb)
Nevinyrrals Disk (Salvador Dalí) Nevinyrral's Disk (Salvador Dalí)
Platinum Angel Platinum Angel
Platinum Emperion Platinum Emperion
Sol Ring Sol Ring
Sol Ring (Illusionary Mask) Sol Ring (Illusionary Mask)
Stone Calendar Stone Calendar
Triskelion Triskelion
Winter Orb Winter Orb
Frostbringer (Winter Orb) Frostbringer (Winter Orb)

Altered Magic Cards by Erich