Magic the Gathering hand painted altered cards by Erich
Avatar of Woe Avatar of Woe
Black Knight Black Knight
Demonic Consultation Demonic Consultation
Demonic Tutor Demonic Tutor
Dark Ritual Dark Ritual
Hymn to Tourach Hymn to Tourach
Koskun Falls Koskun Falls
Living End Living End
Maralen of the Morning Song Maralen of the Morning Song
Massacre Wurm Massacre Wurm
Necropotence Necropotence
Necropotence Two Necropotence
Opression Opression
Pyrexian Arena Pyrexian Arena
Razaketh the Foulblooded Razaketh the Foulblooded
Royal Assassin Royal Assassin
Rune Scarred Demon Rune Scarred Demon
The Wretched The Wretched
Tortured Existence Tortured Existence
Undead Warchief Undead Warchief

Altered Magic Cards by Erich