Integrated Mobile Version Sub Websites

Integrated Mobile Sub-Sites

Included with some Allwebco web templates as listed below. Smartphone compliant websites are integrated into a desktop version website template as a matching mobile version sub-site inside a "mobile" folder. Css mobile overlay detection is included, with automatic smartphone redirection being available free by request. The top level desktop webpages link into the mobile version website and the sub-site links back to the full site. The two websites use some common files like the css style files, footer, contact info, gallery images, PDF file downloads and social icons and links.

Mobile version web template included

Web Templates That Include a Mobile Version


  • SEO friendly web standards HTML5.
  • Mobile sub-site is easily removed if required.
  • Compliant in all css3 web browsers and smartphones.
  • Mobile site includes separate pages to allow for more condensed content.
  • Automatic css mobile overlay detection included on full site.
  • Instructions included for both the full and mobile websites.
  • Color themes change both full and sub-site.
  • Full site links into the mobile website with visible icon, overlay and in menus and on the home and site map pages.
  • Allwebco mobile sub-sites rate a 97 out of 100 at Google PageSpeed Insights. Ranking would be at 100 however, we do not compress the CSS and HTML files so they can be more easily edited.

Mobile Version Sub-Site Features

The sub site is a separate website setup in a folder named "mobile". The sub-site links some files from the full site including the css files for global fonts and styles, footer, social icons, gallery images for slideshows, PDF file links and contact info. Instructions are included for both the full and mobile websites indicating what files will be setup as common to both websites. Uses standard HTML5, CSS and .JPG images. All stock photos are included.

Dynamically Viewing the Included Overlay

To view a working detection overlay, see Bizzy-DM websites. Click any thumbnail to view the sample website. With the sample site open, make your browser width narrow and the overlay will popup on the page. Make your browser width wider and the overlay disappears using the css detection code. Css3 compliant browser required (IE9+, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera).

Overlay and Mobile SEO Benefits

The mobile site is setup with separate content from the full website to allow for better SEO and so you can edit the mobile version site with more condensed information. The overlay uses pure css for the detection, with no Javascript or jQuery. The css simply hides the overlay until the browser width is narrow enough to be a mobile device. Javascript is included only to allow the overlay to close, or hide, when a user clicks on either the close button, or away from the link box in the browser window. This is "passive" detection and has no adverse affect on search engine ranking.

Custom Made Mobile Website Samples

Custom Built Mobile Websites

Allwebco Design offers services to create a custom matching mobile website for any existing site. We will use our basic mobile site with 6 pages included. Home, services, news, resources, contact, PDF downloads. Optional pages can include: photo gallery, paypal cart page, privacy policy, Youtube video, jQuery slideshows or you can request other pre-formatted pages. See full details.

Custom Mobile Includes:

  • Basic custom site priced at $375.00
  • Exact color and image match to your current website
  • Mobile detection overlay added to full site [details]
  • "View Mobile" header icon added to full site [example]
  • Create matching mobile logo
  • Transfer your full site images and text to the mobile
  • 6 pages: Home, contact and your choices
  • Additional custom pages priced at $25.00 each
  • Passes the Google Mobile Friendly Test
  • Full support, all work is guaranteed
  • Contact us for details or View Full Details

Adding Automatic Detection

With any of our website templates that include a mobile version, you can add automatic detection. This type of application will generally be a PHP, JSP or ASP script. Some hosting companies include an automatic detection script in your hosting control panel. Optionally, there are many free and open source mobile site version detection scripts available that can be used with our designs. The included mobile version in our website templates is inside it's own separate folder. These scripts simply redirect mobile viewers to any folder you choose. No extra editing of the site is required. See the following resources.

Automatic Mobile Version Redirection Resources

About Our Designs
Allwebco Design Corporation offers "complete" HTML web templates designed to allow for the highest compatibility on PC & Mac desktop and laptop computers, tablets and surface, netbooks, smartphones plus other mobile and computer devices. Our website designs are built with multiple pre-formatted webpages and dynamic features. There are no monthly fees and after purchase the download is a self contained HTML website free from any ads or un-editable links.

Used by developers and designers worldwide for custom web development, our website layouts are built in basic HTML and CSS and include all stock photos and source files in the download. Step by step instructions and support are include for first time and novice users. See our template features for more details.