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Custom Web Template Design

Custom Mobile Website:
$225: We build a custom mobile site matching your current website inside a separate folder. Passive or auto mobile redirection included. Read full details & order form

Custom Pages:
Starting at $18: Any page from another template model can be ordered for your template of choice. Includes pages like: PDFs, quotes form, videos page, other gallery types, slideshows, drop menus. See features for more options

Color Change:
$55 to $95: Select any website template model we offer in any colors you require for your project. Can match graphics.

Flash Editing:
Starting at $12: Includes font face/size/color changes in any template or adding a graphic logo, editing timing or the number of slides in any image animation and other custom modifications to template Flash areas.

Custom Images:
Starting at $35: We can offer any image in any of our templates in high resolution for print and media as well as creating custom images for any type of website or project.

Flash/Mobile Detection:
Starting at $55: Flash detection is included in most templates, and a free new download is available for any older template. We offer custom detection to display alternate content in non-Flash browsers like iPad and iPhone for 3rd party Flash animations.

Add Auto-Watermark:
Starting at $25: Addon to include a layered editable auto-watermark image in any template gallery for the image closeups.

Drop Menus:
Starting at $75: Drop menus can be added to any template we offer, or we can also create a custom drop menu addon for any website including existing websites.

Logo Design:
$35 to $275: Custom logos created on request. Includes high resolution version for print and other media.