Downloadable HTML Web Templates

Downloadable HTML Website Templates

Mobile Friendly for All Devices, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Smartphones

Allwebco offers developer grade downloadable HTML/CSS website templates as complete "bootstrap" style web designs. Self contained and downloaded to your computer hard drive in zip file format, our sites are ad-free HTML5 & CSS3 designs that include all source files used for the build. Royalty free stock photos, as seen in our on-line samples, are standard editable and replaceable .jpg and .png images and are included for web use with all downloads. Our website templates are a one time fee and there are no hidden or extra fees once you download the site.

Basic HTML / CSS design allows developers and designers, as well as novice and first time webmasters, to use any type of HTML, wysiwyg or text editing software for their web development project. With our websites you're not locked into a proprietary web editor and can even use Notepad on Windows, or TextEdit on Mac for all editing. See section below on this page for more info.

Support is never outsourced, but is provided directly from our site developers. Each download includes Step by step instructions specifically tailored for that template layout. We offer one of the most comprehensive template support centers in the industry and back up our websites with a 30 day money back guarantee, 90 day trade-in allowance and a free extended download service with no time limit.

What is "Stand Alone"?

Unlike website templates offered by other vendors, our templates are complete bootstrap websites with built-in dynamic and interactive elements like: jQuery animation, image slideshows, F.A.Q. sections, css style effects and rollovers and more, plus a complete set of pre-formatted webpages contained in a folder on the user's hard drive, ready for users to simply "plug-in" their text content and images.

LA-DM Sample
Executive Sample
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Rose Sample

Drop Menu Responsive Website Templates

As stand alone design, our websites are downloaded to the user's computer hard drive and work independently of our website. They are self contained web templates with no ads (We do include a credit link in the footer that you can remove or edit with your own link and text), and no external resources or linked files that rely on our website being on-line to function. Template downloads function normally even if your computer is not connected to the Internet. Once uploaded to your hosting server, the "stand alone" still applies. You website will not be dependent on our website to be viewable on your domain URL. If for example our website were to go down, it would have no effect on the functionality of your website.

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Allwebco Design Features

Not just for developers and designers, our website layout downloads are so easy to setup that they're used by hundreds of novice webmasters worldwide for all types of business and personal web projects. Our designs are built to exacting W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone compliance and include step by step instructions.

  • Error-free HTML and CSS meeting all W3C standards
  • Plain text menus for easy expandability
  • Step by step instructions & support
  • Standard .jpg, .png and .gif images
  • Dynamic & interactive features
  • Allows for comprehensive SEO
  • Stand alone complete websites
  • Zip file download format for PC and Mac
  • Small footprint design for fast website load speeds
  • All source files, PSD and stock photos included in the download
  • Separate CSS files for styles and one for mobile compliant Media Queries

Editing Stand Alone HTML Websites

With downloaded web templates, you can use any type of HTML or wysiwyg editing software. Because all files are plain text, you can optionally edit the webpage content using the OS included software Notepad in Windows and TextEdit on Mac. Allwebco web templates can be edited using CoffeeCup or Dreamweaver as well as free editors like Microsoft Expression Web and Adobe Brackets (Mac, Windows, and Linux). Plus even older HTML editors can be used like Microsoft Fontpage and a host of other available HTML and text editors.

Allwebco Premium Web Templates

Premium as a general rule means a purchased website rather than a free download. Unlike free downloads you may find on other websites our template layouts are ad-free premium designs that include all stock photos, multiple pre-formatted pages for common tasks (homepage, about, services, F.A.Q. section, site map, dynamic slideshows, etc) and built-in features and scripts. Developer grade self contained templates, all of our designs come with full support by our professional developers, plus we offer one of the best support centers in the industry. If you want the very best for your business, Allwebco Design Corporation website templates are your best choice.

Downloadable HTML Budget Design
Budget HTML Design
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Budget Responsive Web Templates

What's Included in the Download

Allwebco zip file downloads include a complete self contained website with all source code and stock photos. This includes editable global css style sheet files for colors, fonts, menu buttons and layout, .js Javascript files for scripts and dynamic interactive elements, a set of HTML webpages pre-formatted for different website functions (homepage, about, services, contact form, privacy policy and more depending on the template selected), all stock images in web standard .jpg, .png and .gif format (see our on-line samples), all Photoshop PSD files used in the design, and comprehensive step by step instructions.

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