Selling Downloads

Although you can setup to sell downloadable items in any Allwebco template, the following templates include all the files and code to make selling downloadable items easier.
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File Selling
Hard Difficulty
Selling automatic file downloads like PDF files and other documents can be added to any Allwebco template. We do not offer any templates with this feature built-in at this time.

Mp3 Selling
Hard Difficulty
Our SDL mp3 models include code and setup instructions for an easier way to sell auto download mp3s on line.
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NOTE: Allwebco auto-download templates do include encrypted and/or hidden forms, however, although a robots.txt is included to keep search engines out of the download folder, this would still not be considered a secure setup. Totally secure setups require a 3rd party vendor and may include extra charges as well as setup time and scripts. 3rd party vendor forms like can be added to any Allwebco template.