All Allwebco templates include a contact form. Some templates also include a quotes form. In any template the form can be removed and you can setup your contact page with an e-mail link only.
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Medium Hard Difficulty
A contact form is included with all templates. This form requires a "back-end" script to work. Instructions, support and script links are included with the template to help with form setup. Can be duplicated to add extra form pages.
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Hard Difficulty
A quotes form is included with many templates. This form can be used for any purpose and all fields are editable as well as expandable. Can be duplicated. Can be made secure.
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Easy Difficulty
A Paypal payment form can be used to accept payments for custom work, donations or any other type of on-line payments. Can be duplicated.
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NOTE: All forms other than the Paypal payment form require a back-end script to run. Support is included to setup this script.