Intro Pages

All Allwebco templates are HTML and CSS but may include areas with Flash or jQuery animation like the header area.
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jQuery Intro
Medium Difficulty
Animated images or plain text slideshow. All images are standard .jpg. May include next / back buttons. Mobile compatible on all devices in all web browsers.
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Medium Difficulty
Into pages may be jQuery or Flash and may include changing images as well as text and mp3 sound. Flash software is not required to change animated images or text.
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Hybrid Intro
Medium Difficulty
Hybrid intro style templates include a homepage that doubles as an intro. The hompage usually includes a larger image and dynamic animation but still works as a standard webpage.
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jQuery T/I
Medium Difficulty
Homepage jQuery slideshow with overlayed text. Buttons included for next and previous slides.
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Medium Hard Difficulty
Allwebco offers a selection of free intro pages that can be added to any allwebco template.

Also see "jQuery Applications" for other jQuery animation.

NOTE: Flash software is only required if you need to edit the font face or colors or the size of the Flash animation.

NOTE: Images used in all Flash are standard .jpg images.

NOTE: Although Flash anmation is included on the template intro pages, Allwebco intros are HTML and not Flash intros.