Many Allwebco templates include Google or site search code. In all templates optional search code is included for other types of searches including code for Google site search and the "Burgdorf AWSD" custom search. View support page.
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Google & Site
Easy Difficulty
Includes a search box with a button option to search either Google, or search your website through the Google site. Very easy to setup. Optional "Burgdorf AWSD" search is included for a custom site search.
view sample | search keyword googleandsite

Burgdorf AWSD
Hard Difficulty
This search is the same application we use on both the Allwebco sales and support sites. Can be involved to setup and a cgi-bin is required with your hosting account. This code is included with templates only as an optional file with the above searches and is for advanced users only. Extra support is not provided.
View support page.

NOTE: All Google type searches include advertisements in the results. The optional "Burgdorf AWSD" search included with the download does not include any advertisements, however, this search is involved to setup and Allwebco does not provide support for this search application.