Mp3 Sound

Mp3 sound can be added to any Allwebco template. Many models now include sound as well as code setup for selling mp3 files on-line.
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Home Mp3
Easy Difficulty
These templates include replaceable mp3 music or sound effects on the homepage only. Some models may include an intro page. Sound code is Javascript and can be removed.
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Mp3 Models
Medium Hard Difficulty
These templates include multiple pages for mp3 sound. A player selection is included in most models and can be used for video as well.
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Mp3 Selling
Hard Difficulty
Although you can setup to sell auto downloads in any Allwebco template, our SDL models include code and setup instructions for an easier way to sell auto download mp3s on-line.
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Easy Difficulty
Allwebco offers the xmp3mini player and also the xmp3Player that can be added to any template or to any website.

Medium Hard Difficulty
Continuous website music or sound for any template or any website. Uses a dynamic HTML frame.

Free Add-On
Medium Hard Difficulty
Allwebco offers sound code that can be added to any template or to any website.