Understanding websites and web applications

Webpage Design
Describing Web Templates

What are Web Templates?

Pre-made HTML sites created to allow users the ability to simply "plug-in" their product information and images into a website framework.

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What is HTML?

What are HTML Web Templates?

Details about the code and how HTML is used webwide for designing and maintaining websites. Includes CSS, jQuery, & Flash details.

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Understanding HTML5

HTML5 Details:

HTML5 is the next revision of HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language. It's the industry standard for building sites and adds new functionality.

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Computer Keyboard
Developer Grade Designs

About Developer Grade

Designed with built-in functions, features and multiple pre-formatted pages, developer grade websites are built for professionals.

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Downloaded HTML Website Templates

Downloadable Design

Allwebco offers complete downloadable HTML website templates for developers and designs as well as first time webmasters.

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Layout Design
Design Layout

Design By Layout

Allwebco offers a large selection of layouts for our complete HTML web designs. Features include jQuery and Flash animation with detection.

See: Layout Selections

Tablet Surface Layout
Tablet Website Templates

Layouts For Tablet / Surface

Optimized specifically for tablets and smartphones, tablet/surface designs are built in HTML5/CSS with space for AdSense banners.

See: iPad & Tablet Design

Design for photographers
Photo and Art Designs

Photography Design Layout

Built for photographer's and artists, photo gallery web templates are HTML / CSS designs with dynamic galleries and slideshows.

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Web builders
Developer Grade Designs

About Us

Support, features, options, Allwebco Design Corporation offers the best developer HTML web template designs available in the industry.

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Choosing an Adaptive Mobile or Responsive Design
Adaptive or Responsive

Mobile vs Responsive

Building a new site, or updating an older site? Creating a mobile friendly site poses some important options to consider.

See: Responsive or Mobile

Web builders
Builder or Downloadable

Builder vs Downloadable

What's the best choice when setting up a new website. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of each style of website.

See: Builder vs Downloaded Templates

Flash detection

mobile UPGRADE

Upgrade your tired old website with a sparkling new mobile sub website. Includes instructions and mobile overlay detection. Works on any website.

See: Mobile Plugin

Mobile detection
Css mobile detection overlay

CSS Mobile Detection

What is a css mobile overlay? See details for this website application built into templates that include a mobile sub-site. Also available as an add-on.

See: Mobile Overlay

Web Template Features
viewing on mobile devices

Included Mobile Version

Planning a large complex web site with many web pages and page copy? You will want to consider a full site that includes a mobile version.

See: Mobile Sub-Sites

Web Template Features
viewing on mobile devices

Website Template Features

Allwebco webpage templates are complete websites and include built-in scripts, dynamic elements, pre-formatted pages and more.

See: Built-in Features

Smartphone optimized
mobile optimized

Mobile Optimization

Our websites are configured and tested for optimal display and function on PC and Mac as well as all mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

See: Optimized For Mobile

Mobile friendly
viewing on mobile devices

Website Usability For Mobile Devices

Our designs are built specifically to allow for the highest mobile compatibility, usability and balance on PC, Mac and mobile devices.

See: Mobile Usability

Responsive Web Design
Mobile Respond Compliance

Responsive Design

What is responsive design and how it works. Covers all aspects of creating a flexible web design for mobile and PC compatibility.

See: Responsive Websites

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Developer Grade HTML Web Templates

Developer grade means full websites that include a series of webpages pre-formatted to allow content to be simply plugged into the pages. Allwebco designs include the most popular features and page types. All web designs available on the Allwebco Design Corporation website are "complete" sites with multiple pages, contact forms, plain text menus and more. Designs may include css drop menus, quick change css color themes, built-in dynamic photo galleries, Paypal or 2CO shopping carts, site search, jQuery animated slideshows, PDF downloads, Youtube or HTML5 video sections, mobile sub-sites with css detection, quotes forms, dynamic FAQ sections, professional style footers, mp3 music players, responsive media queries code plus many more built-in scripts and features. See more details in Features & Ad-ons and also check Developer Quality details.

Stock Photos Included

Images as seen in our on-line samples are included with every download. These photos are owned by Allwebco Design Corporation. Purchasing any template allows the user rights to display, replace or alter any of the included images as well as royalty free rights to use the images in the purchased website for a single use. See our Template User Agreement for more details.