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This area is text layered over a .jpg image. You can edit this text with your own text without using any graphics software. You can replace the .jpg image with your own standard .jpg image. Adjust the size or color of this text in the global template .css style file.

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iPad optimized website
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Allwebco iPad configured templates are HTML/CSS website templates designed to look best on iPad and iPod/iPhones, as well as on any PC or Mac laptop netbook, tablet or any device, in any browser software. The menu, header, sidebar and footer are global Javascript plain text "include" files to allow for easy website updates when adding new pages or updating details on your website. All included template files are basic text that can be edited using any plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. All page images and background images are standard .jpg and .gif images that you can replace with your own .jpg or .gif images. Instructions for adding Google AdSense is included. View AdSense sample page.

Perfect for all browsers
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Built to work on any computer type, laptop, tablet as well as all mobile devices, this template is configured specifically for viewing on iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch. Allwebco iPad web templates can be used for any business or personal website project. Includes basic HTML pages, global CSS style file, and editable plain text menus, header and footer. Duplicate any page to add a new page. Edit with any HTML wysiwyg, source code or plain text editor. All iPad templates are compatible with any hosting type on any type of server. Support and step by step instructions included. Includes both a plain text and graphic logo option for using your own custom .jpg logo, stock image or branding in the header area.

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