Allwebco Template Mobile Detection included

In addition to offering mobi-Hybrid web templates as well as iPad configured web templates for high mobile device compatibility, Allwebco includes Flash detection built into any template that includes a Flash logo or animation. The built-in scripts automatically detect for browsers that support Flash and display a static image you choose in non-Flash enabled and mobile browsers. Scripts include detection for iPhone, iPod, iPad and other mobiles. Click here to read more on mobile compatibility.

"Allwebco Design is dedicated to providing our clients with website designs optimized for viewing in the widest variety of web browsers and mobile devices."

HTML website template with iPad detection script comparison.

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Why Include Mobile Detection?
Although Allwebco templates are basic HTML designs, many templates include integrated Flash animation. Many mobile web browsers do not support Flash, or may load Flash animation slowly. Detection is included specifically for Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhones, as well as other mobile device and cellphone browsers, so your website will display properly and load quickly.

Is the Detect Extra Work to Setup?
In one word, no. Templates that include detection automatically display the first .jpg image in the Flash in browsers that do not support Flash. Optionally, you can also setup the template to display any image of your choosing in non-Flash browsers. View the detect support page.

Templates that include Flash "header" detection require that the matching text for the header be edited with your website name to be viewed on mobile devices.

Is Detection Required?
No. All Allwebco templates include a graphic logo header and no Flash versions of all pages, however, if Flash animation is included in the template then a detect will be included, or is available by request, to display a non-Flash version of the template page in mobile devices like iPad and iPod.

Allwebco templates are basic HTML and may include some Flash animation areas. Detection only needs to be included in templates that include animated images.

What Templates Include Mobile Detection?
At this time Allwebco is updating all our HTML templates that include Flash linked .jpg image animation with mobile detect. To view all templates that include this detection, you can search on our site for the keyword "detection", or, click here to view all templates with detection included.

Detection in Music Template Mp3 Players
In musician templates that include Flash players with 2011 detection code, HTML5 fallback is included so mp3s will play using HTML5 in web browsers that do not have Flash installed. View HTML5/Flash player support details.

iPad Optimized Web Templates
iPad web templates are specifically configured for iPad and iPod/iPhone. They also work perfectly on PC and Mac as well as on tablets, and most phones, mobile devices, in all modern web browser types using any type of hosting or server setup. View iPad optimized web templates.

The Template I Want Does Not Include Detection!?
Allwebco templates are basic HTML, in many templates detection is not required. Detection only needs to be included in templates that include animated images.

If a template design you are interested in does not indicate that it includes mobile detection, never fear, all templates will be updated with mobile detection for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices for 2011. At any time you can request the updated file that includes the mobile detection at a later date. Updated downloads are free and support is included with any template purchase to update your website with any new detection scripts we may offer.

Detection script updates will include only a single file to add to your website and mobile detection updates will not effect any editing you may have done on your website.

Allwebco Built-in Features
Only Allwebco offers so many features built right into our HTML web template designs: scripts, contact and quotes forms, image galleries, jQuery slideshows, site search, PDF pages and other applications. View Template Features for details.