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Optimized for Mobile

If you search above on this page for either "mobile" or "responsive" or "2016" you can view all the latest designs we offer that include technology for the highest mobile compliance. New mobile and responsive web templates are built to pass the Google Mobile Friendly Test for better SEO on the most popular mobile devices, smartphones and tablets as well as PC and Mac desktops and laptops. Our web templates are complete stand alone downloadable HTML sites and include the latest mobile compatibility technology and code built right into the design. Mobile and responsive sites rate 97 out of 100 and higher for user experience at Google Page Speed Insights.

"Allwebco Design is dedicated to providing our clients with website designs optimized for viewing in the widest variety of web browsers and devices."

The Brave New Mobile World

To give you more options we offer mobi-Hybrid® and responsive web templates as well as websites with mobile versions and a mobile website upgrade for older websites. These options are built for the highest mobile device compatibility. To help you decide on the best design solution for your website project see Choosing Responsive or Mobile.

As we develop new templates, and update our existing models, mobile optimization is of the utmost importance. Responsive Media Queries code is included for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows Phone Android, Blackberry and other mobiles. Images and HTML code are optimized for the fastest load times. Page sizes and layouts are built to create a balance between PC, Mac, tablet and mobile viewing.

As web browsers and devices evolve, we plan to keep pace with the latest web design technology, while still maintaining the best web practices for maximum compatibility.

Mobile Options

Built For Speed

Images included in Allwebco templates are optimized specifically for web use. Menus are plain text. HTML code is kept clean and lean for bug free fast loading websites. Javascripts are coded as clean as possible. All these considerations when designing help make Allwebco templates some of the fastest loading websites available.

Tested, Tested, and then Re-tested

Because of the vast number of devices and web browsers now available, it can be very difficult to setup a website and be sure you look good to all users. Allwebco takes the work out of testing by doing the testing for you. We check our templates for compatibility in every browser, every mobile device, on every laptop and tablet we have available. We test in the latest web browsers as well as in all older web browser software that is still being used today. If you don't look good, we don't look good.

Responsive... Awesome!

Responsive utilizes the latest web design technology and is a great choice for many website projects, however, responsive designed websites are more limiting, usually load slower and are not right for every website project. Another option is to use a separate mobile sub-website. Careful consideration should be taken when choosing the right design option for your website project. Both options are SEO and mobile friendly.

Design Choices

Business Responsive

Designed to work perfectly on PC and Mac as well as on tablets, smartphones, mobile devices, and in all web browsers. See responsive for business and Minisites RD web templates. Our designs work with hosting from any company on any server type.

Allwebco Website Designs
Allwebco offers a large selection of downloadable self contained "full site" HTML web template designs built specifically to allow for the highest compatibility and viewability on both PC and Mac desktop and laptop computers, tablet, smartphones and other mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android and others. Our site designs are setup with multiple pre-formatted webpages, drop menus, site search, contact and quote forms, photo galleries, video pages, PDF download pages and much more all integrated right into the designs. No other web company offers these types of complete downloadable HTML websites at such affordable one time prices. See website features for more details on included features.

Features: Our HTML website templates include an array of built-in features and scripts: contact and quotes forms, dynamic FAQ sections, image galleries and slideshows, jQuery & CSS3 animation, site search, PDF download pages and more. See Site Features for details.

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