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FAQ Add-on: $15.00      
FAQ Webpage Template Add-On

Dual FAQ Section Add-On

Can be added to any website or any Allwebco template. Includes two options; Set of 10 FAQ popup pages and/or a dynamic FAQ page with 10 questions. Both are expandable to as many as you need and both can be added to any website.

FAQ Features


All source code is included with the download. All files and COLORS can be edited using any plain text editor. Flash header background color can be edited as plain text. Only standard HTML pages and .gif and .jpg images are used for easy customization. Items can be added to the popups or the dynamic page like, Flash animation, video, images, banners, etc.

Price: $15.00


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F.A.Q. Add-on Details

No monthly fees, all source code included: Allwebco upgrades and add-ons are created specifically to add to any Allwebco template. These upgrades are generally recommended for more experienced users but do included step by step instructions for any user. Although created to be used with Allwebco templates, these upgrades can be added to any other brand template or can even be added to an existing HTML website of any type. Support is included for Allwebco users and for non-Allwebco users as well, however, support may not cover some problems encountered when setting this up on an existing site.

When to Order a Template Add-on

It is recommended that you order the image tour add-on, or other website applications, if you already have an existing website setup, or after you have downloaded your Allwebco template, gone through the steps on the help page and have become familiar with editing your template.