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Responsive HTML5 Video
HTML5 video player
Price: $25.00  

Ad Free HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Player

2017 Responsive For Mobile: Embed unlimited videos on your website as "direct on-page" or as new window video popups. Compatible with any website, any Allwebco template, or any template from another vendor. Ad Free! Your site is not required to be an HTML5 website, popups are HTML5 coded. Works with old and new websites. For HTML 4.01, XHTML, PHP and HTML5 websites.

Two Options: Includes both direct on-page video & popup option

On-Page Features
  • Easy setup with step by step instructions
  • Supports mp4, m4v, webm, ogv and wmv fall-back
  • Player works with older websites using fallback
  • All source files included. All files are fully editable
  • Works on all Allwebco templates, or any website
  • Use any HTML or text editor
  • Allows for unlimited videos
  • Supports all size and quality videos
  • Built in streaming with HTML5
  • Yes / no scripting options
  • Pure Flash-free HTML5 code
  • View help (on-page style)

Optional Popup Features:
  • Includes 4 css color themes, white, black, gray & blackwhite
  • Compliant in new as well as older web browsers
  • All source files included. All files are fully editable
  • Works in any website or Allwebco template
  • Edit with any HTML or plain text editor
  • Starts with 6 videos, fully expandable
  • Supports any size and quality video
  • Easy yes / no script options
  • Non-Flash Pure HTML5
  • View help (popup style)
  • View included popup "home" page

Customizable Player

All source code is included with the download as well as full support. W3C complaint standard HTML5 code, can be edited using any plain text editor. Supports any video size, HD and widescreen 4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.39:1 as well as any custom video size. Video sizes are easily edited using any plain text editor. Popups are standard plain text HTML5 webpages.

Color themes for HTML5 video popups

100% Ad-Free

The video player is pure HTML5 and includes no advertisements of any kind or references or links to any other websites or sponsors. The included code uses the default video player that is built into each web browser. The download includes all source files so this application is independently setup on your website and includes no references or linking to external sites that might slow down loading.

Website Compatibility

The popup style pages are HTML5 code and because they are separate from the other pages on any website they are added to, the rest of the site can be any type of code. HTML 4.01, XHTML, PHP, ASP or even an HTML5 website. Updating your other webpages is not required.

The direct "on-page video" style player included in the download is setup for HTML5 websites but will also work on HTML 4.01 webpages. With HTML 4.01 sites the on-page video will display fallback in Internet Explorer web browsers.

Browser Compatibility

HTML5 video is supported by Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Google Chrome, Safari (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod), Firefox, Opera (& mini), Android and most mobile Internet browsing devices. Fallback code is built-in that allows video to be viewable on IE 6, 7 and 8, Netscape and most other non-HTML5 web browsers.

Support Included

Full player support for both HTML5 and HTML 4.01 websites, and our 100% money back guarantee are all included with your purchase. Click to view the support area for this addon. Support is included for any type of website or template.

HTML5 Video Player Setup & Site Requirements

In addition to the HTML5 video player addon purchased on this page, you will need video files in 5 formats. Mp4, m4v, ogv, webm and wmv. Although any video type is easily switched off in the addon, for example if you want to use only mp4 video, these 5 types are recommended. Conversion software is available that converts to all these types. See details in support.

This player addon will work with any type of website code on any type of HTML or PHP pages, HTML 4.01, HTML5 or XHTML. Converting a website to HTML5 is not required to add HTML5 video with this addon.

Other Allwebco Video Player Options

HTML5 Minisite Web Templates with embedded Youtube players are available for purchase or view templates with HTML5 video. Additionally, an HTML5 video or Youtube website player page can be added to any web template we offer. Contact us to custom order. Free basic HTML5 video website player code is available on the support site. See video code for websites and templates.

Price: $25.00 


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HTML5 Video Player Website Add-on Details

No monthly fees, all source code included: Allwebco upgrades and add-ons are created specifically to add to any website as well as any Allwebco webpage template, both HTML 4.01 and HTML5. These upgrades are generally recommended for more experienced users but do included step by step instructions for novice webmasters. Although created to be used with Allwebco templates, these upgrades can be added to any other brand template or can even be added to an existing HTML website of any type. Support is included for Allwebco users and for non-Allwebco users as well, however, support may not cover some problems encountered when setting this up on an existing site.

When to Order a Template Add-on

It is recommended that you order the Pure HTML5 Website Video dynamic application add-on, if you already have an existing website setup, or after you have downloaded your Allwebco template, gone through the steps on the help page and have become familiar with editing your website template.