Smartphone and Mobile Device Redirection scripts
Options to detect and redirect smartphone users from your top level desktop website to your mobile version site. This allows for an adaptive website setup that includes both a desktop/tablet version and a separate mobile version website located either in a hosting sub-folder, or the smartphone version can reside on a separate domain.

Guide to Add a Separate Smartphone Version

Automatic Detection

jQuery script that detects smartphones
jQuery script that detects smartphones and automatically redirects the viewing device to the mobile version website. Does not redirect tablet computers. Compatible with any website, any Allwebco template, or any template from another vendor. The jQuery mobile redirection script uses Javascript so it will work with old and new website code. For responsive, HTML5, XHTML, PHP and HTML 4.01 design websites.

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jQuery Script Details
This is a very small script. Adding it to any website requires uploading one file and adding the script "call" to any, or all of your webpages that you want to automatically redirect when viewed on a smartphone. Includes step by step instructions, plus support to add the jQuery library file to your webpages if your site does not already include this feature.

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Help guide to add a mobile site
Mobile website plugin

  • Mobile version website ready for Internet viewing
  • Top level desktop version website
  • jQuery library file (help included in download)

jQuery Redirection Features
  • Step by step instructions
  • Add one or two lines of code to each webpage
  • Works with any website or Allwebco template
  • Compliant in all new web browsers and smartphones
  • Redirects smartphones and not tablets
  • Fully SEO compliant

Free Download
The jQuery redirection script is FREE for download if you have purchased any Allwebco web template. To request the free download please contact us.

Price: $8.00  

jQuery Auto Detection

Passive Detection

CSS code that detects screen width
Automatically detects the web browser screen width using css Media Queries and pops up a layered css mobile selection link box on small viewing screens. Compatible with any website, any Allwebco template, or any template from another vendor. The css mobile detection overlay is HTML5 code but works with old and new website code. For responsive, HTML5, XHTML, PHP and older HTML 4.01 websites.

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How It's Added to a Website

Two lines of code in each HTML page are all that's required. One line in the "head" section for the overlay css and one line in the "body" section for the HTML and close scripts. Step by step instructions are included.

What is a css mobile detection overlay?
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Mobile website plugin upgrade

  • Mobile version website ready for Internet viewing
  • Top level desktop version website

CSS Detection Overlay Features
  • Step by step instructions
  • Just add two lines of code to each webpage
  • All source files included. All files are fully editable
  • Works with any website or Allwebco template
  • Use any HTML or text editor. Plain text css color code
  • Compliant in all new web browsers and smartphones
  • Editable threshold (or breakpoint) width (768, 640, 480, 320, etc). Set box to display at your desired width
  • Editable link text, replaceable icon images
  • Fully SEO compliant (See section below)
  • Passive user selection, will not affect SEO.

Full Size Overlay Sample Image

How the Detection Works

The css mobile detection will not display on PC and Mac laptop and desktop computers or tablets because the width of these devices is wider than the display threshold (or breakpoint). The overlay uses css3 Media Queries to detect when a browser has a width less than the threshold set in the css file (320, 480, 640, 768). Once the width threshold is achieved in the web browser the mobile overlay selection link box will display. The display threshold width is editable so you can set the overlay to detect any specific width you desire.

Editable HTML5 Plain Text

All source code is included with the download as well as full support. W3C complaint standard HTML5 code, can be edited using any plain text editor. Icon images are .png but .jpg images can optionally be used. Height, width and location of the css detection overlay are all editable.

Customizable Colors

The css mobile detection overlay uses W3C compliant .css code that can be custom edited with any colors. Six easy to switch color themes are included in the download.

CSS Mobile Detection Color Themes

SEO Benefits

Code used in this application is passive css code and will have no adverse affect on SEO ranking. The css detection uses Javascript for the close feature and no scripts are used for the actual detection so this is not viewed by search engines as a redirect script. Additionally, adding a mobile website version on your site may improve your search engine listing.

Free Auto Redirection Available

Our mobile detection overlay add-on uses passive redirection. Users select the mobile version by clicking the overlay box. We also have available, free with your purchase, an automatic smartphone jQuery redirection script. contact us to request this download. For more details see Automatic Mobile Redirection in support.

Looking For a Mobile Web Template?

Allwebco offers a selection of business mobile website templates as well as budget priced mobile sites.

100% Ad-Free

The mobile overlay is HTML5 code and includes no advertisements of any kind or references or links to any other websites or sponsors. The download includes all source files so this application is independently setup on your website and includes no references or linking to external sites that might slow down loading.

Website Compatibility

The mobile detection css overlay is HTML5/css3 code and works on any website. The main site can be any type of code. HTML 4.01, XHTML, PHP, ASP or even an HTML5 website. Updating your webpages is not required.

Full Size Overlay Sample Image

Browser Compatibility

The css3 used in the overlay is supported by Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Google Chrome, Safari (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod), Firefox, Opera (& mini), Android and most mobile Internet browsing devices. In older non-css3 browsers the overlay will not display. As designed, the overlay only displays on mobile devices or if a css3 browser width is as narrow as the threshold (or breakpoint) setting.

Support Included

Support for any type of website or web template, and our 100% money back guarantee are all included with your purchase. Click to view the support area for this addon.

Templates That Have the Overlay Built-In

If you are looking for a new website that includes a mobile sub-site and css detection, you can search our website for "overlay" to view HTML5 web templates that include an integrated mobile website with the css mobile detection overlay built into the designs.

Price: $8.00

CSS Overlay Detection

Mobile Detection & Redirection

Redirection scripts require that you have an existing desktop website as well as a mobile version site already setup and ready for Internet viewing. If you are planning to setup a mobile version website, but are looking for assistance see our Guide for adding a mobile version website.

Instructions and all source files included: Allwebco upgrades, plugins and addons are created to be easily added to any existing website, any Allwebco webpage template, or any web template from another vendor. Designed to work with HTML5, older HTML 4.01 as well as responsive web design sites. Our upgrades are recommended for more experienced users but do included step-by-step instructions for novice users and new webmasters. Although created initially to be used with Allwebco web templates, our upgrades can be added to any website of any type or template designs from other vendors. Full support is included with any purchase, however, support may not cover some issues encountered when setting this up on an existing website.

When to Order an Addon Script

It is recommended that you order a website upgrade script, if you already have a website on the Internet, or after you have downloaded your Allwebco website template, done the steps on the help.html and have become familiar with editing your template files.

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