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Skinnable Music Player

xmp3 Mp3 Audio Player

Flash / HTML5 website application. Can be used to add from one to five mp3 players to any template or website. Players can be used for website audio messages or any mp3 song file. Flash audio with HTML5 fallback code for non-Flash enabled browsers like iPad and iPhone. Includes step by step instructions.

Ad-Free, Unlimited Use, One Time Payment!

Add a Flash / HTML5 audio mp3 message or mp3 music to any website or template. Compatible in all newer web browsers this download includes: One to five players, 12 unique skins (more can be created), all PSD files and step by step instructions to add this to any website. Includes help with converting .wav files. Flash software is not required to add mp3s, change or create new skins, or edit player text. Can be setup to not play when loaded, or to autostart.


  • Includes 5 players total
  • Works on any website or template
  • Step by step instructions are included
  • Includes help with converting .wav files
  • Streams the mp3 audio file for fast loading
  • Includes HTML5 fallback for non-Flash browsers
  • Flash to HTML5 then QT or WMedia fallback
  • All editing can be done using a plain text editor
  • 12 skins included. You can also create your own skins
  • Can be set to not play when loaded, or to autostart
  • Can be used for an audio mp3 message or mp3 music
  • iPad, iPhone and mobile compatible
  • View support page
  • View instructions
  • View included skins
  • View sample website in use


12 total .jpg skin files are included. Skins can be changed by editing a plain text file. All skins are standard .jpg images and can be edited to create custom skins.

Flash Software Not Required

The first text line (song title) and second text line (band name) and skins can be replaced by editing a plain text file in Notepad or any text editor. All sound files are standard replaceable .mp3 files. Option to have player open either playing, or "off" is included.

Create Your Own Custom Skins

Create your own custom xmp3Player player skins by replacing 3 .jpg images. Click to view skin .jpg files. You can setup either different custom skins, or have all the same skins with this application for a total of five mp3 players per website. (Animated EQ bars are not skinnable).

All Browser Compatible Mp3 Player

Includes Five Players

12 skins and five Flash .swf files are included for five players on any single website (you can have more players using duplicate songs on different webpages). You can use five players on one page, or add one player to five different pages.

Responsive Web Designs For Selling Mp3s

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Flash/HTML5 Website Applications

For any website or any web template. Compatible in more than 1 billion desktop web browsers (plus mobile using detection for the HTML5 player code). All Allwebco HTML5 / Flash applications include all files required to add this to any website, step by step instructions and e-mail support.

Audio Details

Allwebco Flash applications are setup to work on any website or on any website template. These upgrades all include step by step instructions for any user. The .fla files for these applications are not included as they are not needed to customize the Mp3 player. Although created to be used with Allwebco templates, these upgrades can be added to any other brand template or any existing HTML website of any type. Support is included for Allwebco users and for non-Allwebco users as well, however, support may not cover some problems encountered when setting this up on an existing site.

When to Order a Template Add-on

It is recommended that you order an add-on only if you already have an existing website, or once you have downloaded your Allwebco template, gone through the steps on the help page and have become familiar with editing your template.