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Price: $12.00  

Sample Super Mini
Mini Mp3 Audio Player
Can be easily set to mini size for audio messages

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Skinnable Audio Player

xmp3mini Mini Music Player

This Flash / HTML5 application can be used to add an unlimited number of mini mp3 players, in an unlimited number of colors, each with their own separate mp3 file, to any type of website or web template. Can be used for website audio messages or any length mp3 song files.

Ad-Free, Unlimited Use, One Time Payment!


  • Works on any website or template
  • Step by step instructions are included
  • Includes help with converting .wav files
  • Streams the mp3 audio file for fast loading
  • Includes HTML5 player for non-Flash browsers
  • Flash with HTML5 then QT or WMedia fallback
  • All editing can be done using a plain text editor
  • Add an unlimited number of players to your site
  • Download comes setup with 12 players to start with
  • 12 skins included. You can also create your own skins
  • Can be used for an audio mp3 message or mp3 music
  • Can be set to not play when loaded, or to autostart
  • iPad, iPhone and mobile compatible
  • Can be set to super mini size
  • View included skin files
  • View player samples
  • View support page
  • View instructions
  • Example website use


Mini Flash / HTML5 mp3 player skins on this page are all included in the download for a total of 12 skins. Skins can be changed on any mini player by editing a plain text file. You can create your own custom skins. All skins are standard .jpg images.

Create Your Own Custom Skins

Create your own custom xmp3mini Flash / HTML5 mp3 player skin by creating 5 .jpg images. You can setup unlimited different custom skins with this application for unlimited custom players.

Flash Software Is Not Required

All sound files are standard replaceable .mp3 files. All mini player skins are standard .jpg images. Option to have a player open either playing on page load, or "off" is included. A border can turned on and set to any color for each Flash / HTML5 mp3 player. All player files are editable plain text.

All Browser Compatible Mini Mp3 Player

Compatibility Details

Coded to automatically use the best possible player for the requested platform. Detects for Flash, if not installed, player will default to using the latest HTML5 player code. If HTML5 is not detected the player will use standard Quicktime or Windows media players.

Compatibility Chart
Play mp3
IE6 and up
IE6 Play
IE6 Autostart
Firefox (.ogg Backup**)
Firefox Play
Firefox Autostart
Google Chrome
Google Chrome Play
Google Chrome Autostart
Opera (.ogg Backup**)
Opera Play
Opera Autostart
Safari Play
Safari Autostart
Netscape Play
Netscape Autostart
iPhone / iPod Touch
iPhone / iPod Touch Play
iPad Play
Android Play*
Android Autostart*
Skyfire Play
Skyfire Autostart*
SlimBrowser Play
SlimBrowser Autostart

*  Applies to latest browser version
** Browser will play mp3s in Flash, but will use .ogg sound files in HTML5

Price: $12.00

Responsive Web Designs For Selling Mp3s

More Add-Ons:

Flash/HTML5 Mini Mp3 Player

Mini mp3 player for any website or any web template. Compatible in more than 1 billion desktop web browsers (plus mobile using detection for the HTML5 player code). The xmp3mini music player includes all files required to add this to any site, step by step instructions and e-mail support. All skins shown above are included. Flash software is not required to add the xmp3mini Flash / HTML5 mp3 player to any website.

Player Supported Mp3s

Player supports any mp3 file. Mp3s should be saved at "44100 HZ 16 Bits Stereo" and can be any Kbits or kbps. All kbps types are supported including 128, 192, 256, 320, and others.

When to Order a Template Add-on

It is recommended that you order the mini mp3 player add-on, or other website applications, if you already have an existing website setup, or after you have downloaded your Allwebco template, gone through the steps on the help page and have become familiar with editing your template.