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Allwebco "Included Options" Shopping Cart Gallery Templates:
This cart system can be used to sell prints, clipart or any other item you would like to sell on-line. Options are included at checkout for sizes, resolution or any other options you would like to add like colors or a frame or matte choice. NOTE: In the default shopping cart setup, all your images must have the same group of prices associated with the options. This means that all your images must be priced the same, however, you can have as many prices listed in the checkout options as you need and you can create multiple checkout pages so each gallery can have a different group of prices. Check our on-line sample and try ordering an item in the gallery to see how this works.

  • Step by step instructions
  • Homepage 8 image Flash slideshow
  • Nine gallery pages with 108 .jpg images total (expandable)
  • IFrame Image viewers with descriptions for each image
  • Optional Paypal cart or no cart pages included
  • Options included at checkout (size, color, frames, etc...)
  • Continuous "frame" music. (This is not a frame website but uses some frames)
  • Contact form & gallery slideshow
  • Includes a Paypal custom work payment form (see menu item "payments" in the sample)
  • Flash header you edit using any text editor
  • Created to sell prints or clipart images
  • 100% Compatible in IE, Netscape, Firefox and more
Allwebco Web Templates
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