Responsive Music Webpage Creations
Responsive web templates for music and musicians

Basic Musician Responsive Web Templates

HTML5 / CSS3 designs for building a musical artist's website
2019 Updated Multiple mp3 samples pages with built in players (expandable), multiple video pages, .jpg slideshows, contact form, Paypal cart merchandise page, standard .jpg and .gif images, home page jQuery slideshow. Allows for YouTube integration. W3C standards code, works on any hosting server. The design layout responds for mobile viewing with "Media Queries" css code. Passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test and rates 98/100 at Page Speed Insights for user experience.
Sell downloadable mp3 music web templates

Sell Mp3 Music Downloads

Responsive web templates for selling mp3 music with downloads
2019 Updated HTML5 responsive web templates for selling downloadable mp3 files, multiple mp3 samples pages and image slideshows (expandable), HTML5 video page (supports YouTube video integration), merchandise page with Paypal cart, contact form, .jpg and .gif images, homepage jQuery animated slideshow. Can be setup with any web hosting company. Passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test and rates 98/100 at Page Speed Insights for user experience.
mobi-Hybrid music video web templates

mobi-Hybrid® Musician Web Templates

2019 Updated Responsive musician RWD / HTML5 / CSS3 mobile music web templates. Compatible with all devices and computer types, tablet, smartphone, laptops and PC/Mac desktop computers. Includes multiple mp3 samples pages, image gallery, mp3 seller page with iTunes or Amazon widget. Works with any web hosting company. Passes the Google Mobile-Friendly.
jQuery intro mp3 music web templates

Drop Menu Musician Web Templates

HTML5 / CSS jQuery intro music website templates
HTML5 CSS3 website templates, multiple mp3 samples pages, video and slideshows (expandable), intro page, contact form, Paypal cart merchandise page, standard .jpg and .gif images, HTML5 audio / video. Allows for YouTube video integration, CSS drop down menus, jQuery home page animation. W3C compliant design, works with any hosting company. Mobile optimized.
HTML5 and Flash mini mp3 music player

xmp3Mini Flash / HTML5 Mp3 Player

For any website. Skinnable streaming Flash/HTML5 mp3 player. Unlimited use on each page or website. 12 skins included. Create your own player skins. Standard .jpg images. Works on any website with any web hosting provider.

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Allwebco Musician's Website Templates

Built in basic HTML and CSS all Allwebco musician's web template designs are complete websites that include standard pre-formatted webpages of the most popular requirements requested by today's musical and recording artists. Audio, video, slideshows, Flash and JQuery animation code is built right into the design to save any web developer, professional or novice, hundreds of hours of setup time. Fallback is included with all Flash, HTML 4.01 and HTML5 website code for compliance in older and less popular web browsers. This allows for the best musical experience for any site visitor. All images, including slideshows and homepage animation, use standard JPG images that can be replaced with the developers images. Included menus are plain text and editable using Notepad or TextEdit on Mac. Works with any HTML editing software, on any computer type.

What is Responsive Design?

When a website, or website template, indicates "responsive" this means that the overall width and sizes of images and other elements will respond to the computer or mobile device width when rendered inside the web browser software. As the browser width becomes more narrow, images will shrink or respond in size to better fit the user's screen. Menus, images, or other elements, may "stack" to better fit all the webpage areas. Some page elements, using CSS code, will hide on the page if they do not fit in with the smaller screen layout. The CSS code used is called "Media Queries". This code uses W3C standards and is supported by all modern web browsers. All Allwebco responsive musician website templates use Media Queries code along with other CSS code for better screen renders on mobile and tablet devices.

Unlimited Expandability

Allwebco musician HTML website templates allow for unlimited expandability. You can duplicate any of the webpages, mp3 samples, HTML5 video, Paypal merchandise cart page, or photo gallery pages to add new sections to your website. New links are added to the global menu files.

Fully Functioning Websites

Built right into our designs are the scripts, applications and widgets that allow for embedded mp3 and movie players, dynamic slideshows and photo galleries plus jQuery and Flash animation (with detection to display alternate content in non-Flash browsers). Our music website templates allow the user to simply "plug-in" their text, image, audio and video content creating a dynamic cross-device compliant website without having to search out applications for any of these functions. Compatible with all mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and computer types. See: Creating a Music Website. Allwebco Design musician's web templates are only available on the Allwebco website and can not be purchased anywhere else. All source code and files are included with the download as well as all musical stock photos built into the website template designs. All musician and recording artists website templates are optimized for mobile and tablets as well as all computer types. Works with any hosting company. See also designs for: Adagio, Aria, Nocturne, Requiem, Sonata and mobile views Elysium, Lime, Matrix, Poet, SlateBlue, Slate, Wire, mobi-Blu.

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Music Website Template Details:

Allwebco music web templates are complete webpage templates setup with built-in scripts, animation, contact forms and other dynamic website elements. New link buttons are easily added to the menus using any plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit on Mac. Features include, global header, footer and menus, standard replaceable .jpg images, HTML contact forms, graphic, text or Flash header with detection and a global CSS style file for making easy color, font, and design layout changes "site wide" rather than editing the individual webpages. Musician's web templates are setup with dynamic jQuery, Javascript or Flash slideshows and image gallery pages, a merchandise page for on-line sales through your website, drop menus in some models, HTML5 audio and video with dynamic player code.

New music web template pages can be easily added by duplicating any webpage and adding links to the global "menu.js" file. Each webpage includes it's own standard .jpg image, replaceable with your own .jpg or .png images. You can optionally use the included stock photos so no graphics editing of any kind is required to build your musical website. Because all Flash and jQuery is linked to plain text files and replaceable .jpg pictures, no new software is required to edit any of the template animation or slideshows.

All designs include step by step instructions as well as unlimited access to the web template support center. Comprehensive email support is also included. All music website designs can be used with any host company. Compatible in all newer web browsers: MSIE, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape, Opera, etc. See also the webpage template FAQ.

No Monthly Fees

Allwebco webpage templates are a "one time" payment. After any website template purchase you will be automatically sent a link to the musician template download .zip file. This zip file will include all the images, pages and features you see displayed in our on-line samples. All the source files and code, including the .fla flash files, Javascript .js files as well as all stock images setup in the template design samples. (Gallery and slideshow images may not be included with the zip file but will be sent on request).

Shopping Cart Merchandise Page

A Paypal shopping cart page is included with all musical website templates to allow for on-line sales of cds, t-shirts and other items. Options for size, colors, or other options can be included. Some designs may include 2CO as well as Paypal forms for the automatic download mp3 sales. With both of these payment processors it is inexpensive to open a new merchant account, and they both allow for an easy setup solution for website product sales.

Why Are Allwebco Musician Web Templates The Best Choice?

Offering complete HTML websites with pre-formatted webpages, all our designs include built-in dynamic features: Mp3 / HTML5 audio players, HTML5 video players, image slideshows and galleries, contact forms, dynamic animation and more are built right into the website design. Using a global CSS style sheet, all the template websites colors, fonts and the general design layout can be easily edited using any plain text editing software. Duplicate any page to add new ones. Optionally replace all images, mp3s and videos. Fully SEO compliant and designed in HTML, HTML5 and CSS to list well in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

All musicians website design templates are fully returnable within 30 days, or can be traded in within 90 days for full credit. Additionally, updates are free for any purchased design indefinitely. Request a free new download any time we update. Hundreds of pages of website building and setup information is available in our searchable support area. See also our free addons coded to work with all of our musician's web template designs.


  • For any musical style
  • CSS code for all styles
  • Dynamic gallery pages
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • Use with any web hosting
  • Use any HTML / text editor
  • Flash free jQuery animation
  • See FAQ
  • No monthly fees


  • Full instructions
  • Support included
  • Built in mp3 players
  • All standard .jpg images
  • Gallery and slideshows
  • Develop your site yourself
  • Designed specifically for musicians
  • See features
  • No monthly fees

Allwebco music design webpage templates are exclusively sold at our website. Designs not available on any other site.