Responsive Musician Webpage Templates

Acid Symphony Lilith Roadshow

Musician Responsive

HTML5 / CSS3 designs for building a musical artist's website
Updated 2024 / 22 pages / Features: Multiple mp3 samples pages with built in players (expandable), Youtube video pages, slideshows, contact form, Paypal cart merchandise page, home page jQuery slideshow, social icons. Zip file download. Works with any hosting company.
Aria Requiem Nocturne Adagio

Drop Menu Musician

Mobile friendly responsive design, desktop, tablet and smartphone
Updated 2024 / 23 pages / Features: CSS drop down menus, multiple mp3 samples pages, jQuery mp3 players, photo gallery, Youtube video section (expandable), homepage slideshow, contact form with no-form optional page, Paypal cart merchandise page, social icons. Zip file download, works with any hosting company.
Slate mobi Slate Blue mobi Wire mobi Elysium mobi

Budget Musician

Responsive for all devices, highest smartphone compliance
Updated 2024 / 13 pages / Features: Targets smartphones, multiple mp3 samples pages, Lytebox image gallery, mp3 seller page with iTunes widget example, social icons. Zip file download. Works with any web hosting company.
SDL3-Acid SDL3-Symphony SDL3-Americana SDL3-Lilith

Sell Mp3 Music Downloads

Responsive web templates for selling mp3 music with downloads
23 pages / Features: Mp3 sales auto-download setup, multiple mp3 samples pages, image slideshows (expandable), YouTube video section, merchandise page with Paypal cart, contact form, homepage jQuery animated slideshow, social icons. Zip file download. Can be setup with any web hosting company.
HTML5 and Flash mini mp3 music player

Mini HTML5 / Flash Mp3 Player

For any website. Skinnable streaming Flash/HTML5 mp3 player. Unlimited use on each page or website. 12 skins included. Create your own player skins. Standard .jpg images. Works on any website with any web hosting provider.

What is Responsive Design?

When a website, or website template, indicates "responsive" this means that the overall page width, image sizes, and other elements will flex to fit inside the computer or mobile device screen. As the browser width becomes more narrow, images will shrink in size. Menus, fonts, and other elements may collapse or "stack" to fit the screen resolution. Some page elements, using CSS Media Queries code, may move, or hide to allow for the optimal use of all screen real estate. Media Queries use W3C standards code and is supported by all modern web browsers. This allows your webpages to flex and fit any screen resolution.

Musician Web Template Details

No Monthly Fees: Built in basic HTML and CSS all Allwebco musician's web template designs are complete websites, downloaded in zip file format. Built as bootstrap style, templates includes multiple pre-formatted webpages configured specifically for musicians and recording artists. Mp3 audio, video, slideshows, JQuery and CSS animation code is built into the design to save web developers, both professional and novice, many hours of setup time. All images, including slideshows and homepage animation, use standard JPG images that can be edited or replaced. Menus are global, plain text and editable using Notepad or TextEdit on Mac. Works with any HTML or plain text editing software, on any computer type.

Whether for business or personal use, all our responsive website templates are built to give you the highest mobile compatibility on all device types. All stock photos as shown in our samples are royalty free and are included in the download.

Unlimited Expandability

Allwebco musician HTML website templates allow for unlimited expandability. You can duplicate any of the webpages, mp3 samples, HTML5 video, Paypal merchandise cart page, or photo gallery pages to add new sections to your website. New links are added to the plain text global menu files.


All designs include step by step instructions as well as unlimited access to the web template support center. Free timely "developer grade" email support is also included. All music website designs can be used with any host company on any server type. Compatible in all newer web browsers: MSIE, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. Guaranteed with a 30 day money back policy, any Allwebco website template is returnable with trade-ins being allowed for up to 90 days. Free downloads for any purchase are available for the life of all our designs. You can request a new free download at any time.


Allwebco web templates are developer grade stand alone websites downloded in zip file format. Templates work both on and off-line so an Internet connection is not required for full functionality. There are no linked files that depend on our Allwebco servers being on-line. Works with any hosting company on any server type. Compliant for all computer and device types.