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Chicago / $55.00 - [ view ]
Chicago: Responsive Website Design
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Close Details Name: Chicago
Price: $55.00
Type: Responsive Business
14 Pages: Home, about, contact form, site map, services, press / testimonials, links, news, custom payments page, PDF downloads, staff page, privacy policy, thanks and missing page.
Features: Responsive design, Pro footer, custom payments page, social icons, jQuery homepage slideshow. Optional animation-free homepage included.
Details: Optimized for mobile HTML5 / CSS with responsive media queries. JPG images, text or graphic header. See responsive design details. Chicago and city stock photos.
Updated: 2019
Flexible Business Design
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HTML Website Templates

Complete downloadable HTML web templates with multiple pages. Step by step instructions. Optimized and tested for smartphone, tablet, Mac, and PC viewing. Edit with any HTML or plain text editor. Notepad, Exp Web, Dreamweaver, Frontpage etc. Compatible with any server type and any hosting company.

Executive-DM / $110.00 - [ view ]
Executive responsive drop menu web template
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Close Details Name: Executive-DM
Price: $110.00
Type: Drop Menu Responsive
22 Pages: Home, about, contact & quotes forms, site map, services, press, dynamic FAQ, calendar, links, news, custom payments page, PDF downloads, staff page, privacy policy, slideshow home and 4 slideshows, thanks and missing page.
Features: Click style drop menus, Pro footer, custom payments page, social icons, jQuery homepage slideshow. Includes optional layout and animation-free homepage.
Details: HTML5, CSS3, optimized for mobile with responsive media queries. JPG images, text or graphic header. See responsive design details. Business and office related stock photos.
Updated: 2019
Responsive Drop Down menu Business Design
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Continental / $45.00 - [ view ]
Continental: Designed for Google AdSense
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Close Details Name: Continental
Price: $45.00
Type: Responsive AdSense
14 Pages: Home, about, contact, site map, links, services, privacy policy, article index and 4 article pages, thanks, missing pages.
Features: Pro-footer, spaces for Google AdSense or other ads, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn setup, contact page option with or without form.
Details: Responsive for mobile HTML5 / CSS using media queries. JPG images, text or graphic header. See responsive design details. Travel and vacation stock photos.
Updated: 2019
HTML5 / CSS3 responsive designs
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eLiving-DM / $85.00 - [ view ]
eLiving-DM: Drop menu human and health related web template
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Close Details Name: eLiving-DM
Price: $85.00
Type: Drop Menu Responsive
18 Pages: Home & optional homepage, about, services, contact and quotes forms, site map, FAQ, news, PDF downloads, links, payments page with Paypal, 3 list style image galleries (expandable), privacy policy, thanks & missing pages.
Features: Drop down menus, social icon setup, Paypal Lytebox style cart gallery and no-cart pages both included, dynamic jQuery sidebar scroller.
Details: RWD responsive design, HTML5 / CSS & jQuery, standard JPG images, text or graphic header. Stock photos of life, business and people.
Updated: 2019
Human and health related downloadable HTML website
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Arboretum Cart / $59.00
Arboretum Cart: RWD drop menu merchant web template
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Paypal Shopping Cart Web Templates Name: Arboretum Cart
Price: $59.00
Type: Merchant Site
16 Pages: Home, about, contact (with form), site map, services, testimonials, FAQ, links, custom payments page, three 6 product Paypal shopping cart pages (expandable), privacy policy, thanks, thanks payment, and missing page.
Features: Paypal shopping cart (no cart gallery included), drop menus, dynamic FAQ, Lytebox gallery, Paypal custom payments page, social icons, jQuery homepage slideshow. Includes an optional homepage layout and no animation homepage.
Details: HTML5 / CSS with media queries responsive css for all devices. JPG images, text or graphic header. Compliant for all desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. See responsive design details. Garden and flower stock images.
Updated: 2019
Paypal shopping cart responsive web template
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Delicious / $29.00 - [ view ]
Delicious: Food, cooking, restaurant web template
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Close Details Name: Delicious
Price: $29.00
Type: Food and Cooking - Responsive
8 Pages: Home, about, contact, news, links, clients, services and "missing" page.
Features: Food and dining images. Plain text menus. Mobile responsive "click" menu included. Designed for optimal viewing on desktop, tablet and smartphones. See Responsive Details.
Details: HTML5 / CSS, JPG images, Plain text header with graphic header option. Food, cooking, restaurant stock photos.
Updated: 2019
Food and cooking responsive design
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mobi-Red / $25.00 - [ view ]
mobi-Red: Hybrid HTML5 website template for mobiles, laptops and desktops
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Close Details Name: mobi Red
Price: $25.00
Type: Responsive Mobile
14 Pages: Home, about, services, clients, news, payments (with Paypal form), site map, contact, slideshow home and 3 slideshows, privacy policy, plus missing blank page.
Features: Includes optional homepage layout. HTML5 / CSS3 mobi-Hybrid. Responsive for smartphone, tablet / surface, laptop and desktop computers. PC and Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, MS Surface & more.
Details: HTML5, JPG images, global menu, header and CSS stylesheet, Twitter, Facebook social icon setup. People and relationships stock photos.
Updated: 2019
Mobi Hybrid website template for Mobile devices, phones, PDAs, Netbooks, Laptops, Desktops
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Focus White / $135.00 - [ view ]
Mega Menu Responsive Web Template - White
Close Name: Focus White
Price: $135.00
Type: Mega Menu Responsive
28 Pages: Home, about, contact form, F.A.Q, services, calendar, news, testimonials, quotes form page, site map, staff, PDF downloads, links, custom payments, slideshow index and 4 slideshows, 6 video pages, privacy policy, missing and thanks pages.
Features: CSS Mega Menus, animated homepage jQuery slideshow (no animation home included), Youtube video integration, interactive FAQ, jpg slideshows, global header, footer, menu & sidebar. Optimized for desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphones.
Details: HTML5 / CSS responsive for all devices and computers, JPG images, Flash-free jQuery animation, graphic or plain text header options. More responsive design details. Beach, flower, and human stock photos.
New: 2016
CSS Website Templates
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HTML Web Template Details

No monthly fees. Downloaded in zip file format, all Allwebco webpage templates are complete stand alone HTML / CSS websites that include multiple formatted webpages and built-in dynamic features. After purchase, our sites are a .zip file you download to your computer hard drive. Built with global css style files, plain text headers, menus and footers, contact forms and Javascript global text menus for quick site updates. All designs are built to W3C web standards. Each web template design will include some, or all of the following pre-formatted webpages and features: Home page, about us, client list or testimonials, news or press, products or services, careers, picture gallery section, links, videos, contact and/or quotes page, PDF links page, and a "thank you" plus a "missing or file not found" blank page. Each template HTML webpage can be duplicated and/or re-named for any other task on your website, requiring only a few simple edits in the site template global "menu.js" using only a plain text editor. All designs are optimized for mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. See also website template features.

Mobile Compliance

Layouts shown above on this page are either responsive web design (RWD) or are a desktop web template that includes a mobile version sub-website. Which one is the best choice for your web development project? With the popularity of mobile devices (now comprising about half of all web searches), you will want to choose either a responsive design or a desktop site with a mobile version included. To see what will work best for your website project check out responsive or mobile. Our comparison chart details the advantages and disadvantages for both, plus all available options for either choice.

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HTML Built Website Template Designs

Standard .jpg images that can be replaced with your own .jpg pictures are used for all web template designs. Graphics knowledge and special software are not required to use the web templates for your own custom website project. Designs include Flash animation with alternate content detection for non-Flash web browsers and do not require Adobe Flash software for editing Flash text or any of the "linked" .jpg images. See Flash detection for mobile for details. Web template designs all include CSS style mouseover and rollover effects plus other built-in Javascript and CSS styling code.

Written using all basic HTML, CSS and Javascript, site template downloads include all of the source code used for the original design and setup. Comprehensive step by step instructions with access to our web template help support center plus timely, helpful e-mail support. All web site templates can be setup using any host company on any server type. Fully compatible in all new and older website browser software: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, etc. For Mac or PC and tablets, laptops, smartphones and mobile. Read the FAQ page.

Paypal & 2CO Website Template Cart Details

The Paypal shopping cart that is included in many Allwebco website templates can be setup and used to sell or offer any item or product you would like to sell in an on-line web store. Paypal merchant accounts are completely free to create and setup. Product options can quickly and easily be added to the forms for Paypal to include sizes, colors plus other options you require for your website shopping cart store project. See the options support page. Some web templates additionally may also include the 2CO shopping cart. There is a fee to create and setup a new 2CO merchant account.

Why Your Best Website Choice is Using Allwebco Web Templates

All Allwebco HTML web templates are complete websites that are setup with multiple webpages, global CSS style files and plain text menus, headers, sidebars and footers. All pages include SEO code ready for your search engine optimization code. All website template colors and sizes can be edited to your project specifications. Mobile and smartphone optimization is already included as well as plain text Flash applications with Flash detection for mobile plus Flash-free setup in any template. All web template menus are setup as global plain text for easy site updates. All Allwebco website templates are guaranteed and 100% returnable within 30 days for a full purchase price "no questions asked" refund. Web templates may be upgraded within 90 days and include full credit on the original order purchase price. Web template updates are free for the full life of any website template design. If a site template is updated you may request a free new download of the design. We do also offer many Free site template upgrades and add-ons and offer 300 and more pages of help, support and website setup information in our comprehensive web template support site. fghu112hix2

Web Template Options

  • Edit notes in all HTML pages
  • Contact and other forms included
  • Purchase with or without hosting
  • Basic HTML web template designs
  • Flash animation editing in Notepad
  • Change colors, fonts, sizes, and more
  • Edit HTML pages in Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Notepad
  • Read The FAQ
  • No monthly fees

Web Template Details

  • CSS style code and HTML
  • Step-by-step setup guides
  • No graphics editing is required
  • All work done by you to save money
  • Access to the  support area included
  • Easy way to set up a professional website
  • Top designs you can not get anywhere else
  • Go To Details
  • No monthly fees

Allwebco design templates are exclusively sold on the Allwebco Design Corporation website. These website template designs are not available on any other website.