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A "stand alone" or "self contained" web template is a downloaded complete HTML website that will work independently on the users hard drive. Files in self contained web templates are not "linked" to any external resources on 3rd party websites. In other words, this type of template can function normally even if the user's computer is not connected to the Internet. Once uploaded, the "stand alone" still applies. You website is not dependent on any 3rd party websites to be viewable on your website domain URL.

Stand alone HTML web templates are the only type of web templates Allwebco Design Corporation offers. Once ordered, our self contained websites are downloaded in zip file format and include all webpages, features and stock photos exactly as you will view them in our on-line samples. All scripts and source files used for the build are included with the download. All purchases are a one time fee. There are no monthly or hidden fees.

Features Of Allwebco Websites

Built to exacting W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) web standards and cross device tested for full mobile compliance, all of our stand alone downloadable HTML website templates are created not only for professional developers, but for novice and first time webmasters as well.

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Web Templates Types

Responsive & Mobile Compliance

We offer a selection of responsive for mobile web templates built to allow the layout to flex whether it's viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any mobile device. Also available are HTML business templates that include a mobile version sub-website with either passive css overlay detection, or automatic smartphone redirection included. Our responsive websites are built for ease of use and include css Media Queries to allow the webpages to flex for a smaller screen size when viewed on tablet, smartphone and other mobile devices. All web template designs are downloaded self contained zip file websites.

Allwebco Website Template Designs are used by both professional developers as well as novice and first time webmasters. Our stand alone HTML web templates are built to W3C specifications using HTML and CSS and are downloaded in zip file format for both PC and Mac computers. View built-in features.

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