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Developer Grade Web Templates

HTML web template layouts for developers and designers. Allwebco sites are downloadable stand alone HTML websites that include built-in forms, image galleries, slideshows, video sections and multiple pre-formatted pages setup for developers to plug-in their website content. A developer grade template download includes all source files and stock photos, the website then becomes totally independent from the template vendor. In other words, you have the complete website on your hard drive and you can use this template with any hosting company or server. Allwebco Design provides only developer and designer grade "self contained" HTML website templates.

Key Features: Our designer / developer HTML templates are complete full feature websites, unlike the standard web templates offered by other vendors. Templates offered by other companies are generally setup in one of two ways: The download includes a homepage and one subpage. Webpages must be duplicated to build the rest of the website. Or, a number of template designs will be included as part of a proprietary "website builder" or CMS (content management system) like Wix, and Squarespace offer. Allwebco templates are portable, allow for more comprehensive SEO and have built-in scripts and dynamic effects.

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Allwebco Developer Quality

Every developer quality website template design that Allwebco offers is a full stand alone downloaded HTML website with multiple pre-formatted pages. Styles for fonts, colors and layout elements are edited in the global css file. After your purchase, the download includes all source files, scripts and stock images exactly as seen in our on-line samples. Our website designs include no monthly fees and no advertisements. All Allwebco references can be removed in any web template. (Allwebco designs include an editable footer copyright.)

Exclusive to Allwebco:

Designer / Developer Features

In our professional designer and developer grade layouts, HTML pages and features may include, home and "about your company" pages, a services page formatted with listings, links or partners pages, PDF downloads linking to PDF files you can create, calendar, dynamic clickable F.A.Q. section, a staff page with contact info, privacy policy, Paypal shopping cart, contact and multi-field quotes forms, dynamic image galleries and slideshows, video viewers, drop menus, jQuery or CSS animation, and more. Having a variety of page styles allows you to copy and better use a page layout that fits your project's requirements. To see a more comprehensive list of applications, scripts and dynamic elements that are included with our designs see web template features.

Building For Clients

Professional developers and designers need a quick, easy to use application for building client sites that meets W3C standards, and affords a consistency of code and design. Used by small business and website developers worldwide, our designs are an excellent solution for building custom websites for clients. Stand alone designs, like the ones offered by Allwebco Design, have many advantages over proprietary web build programs such as portability, ease of use and allowing for the use of standard HTML editing software. For a comparison chart see website builder vs stand alone.

Stand alone HTML web template layouts, work with any web hosting company on any server type, both Unix and Windows. Because they are "complete" sites that include many built-in features, website setups can be done more quickly simply by plugging in the client's images and text copy. Built for quick load times and browser rendering speed, plus mobile compliance and SEO, our designs offer unlimited expandability and flexibility for any web project theme.

For device compatibility we offer both web templates that include a mobile sub-site as well as responsive for mobile designs.

Flexibility of HTML

With Allwebco web templates, 3rd party scripts and applications can be added to any of the webpages. This includes apps like Wordpress and other blogs, forum scripts, dynamic calendar applications, a language translater plus any Google applications and AdSense, or social site widgets from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

Additionally, you can also select the best interactive solutions from 3rd party vendors to embed into the HTML web pages. This can include audio and video applications, jQuery Javascript animations and other interactive elements.

HTML websites, as self contained downloadable web templates, are portable. Any user can setup their website totally off-line, saving hosting fees until their website is completed, then upload the fully developed website once everything is in place. Since a developer quality website template will work with any hosting company, you can select a hosting solution that best suits your needs for cost effectiveness as well as features and "up time".

LA-DM Drop Menu
TechCor Drop Menu
Chicago Drop Menu
Financy Drop Menu

Drop Menu Responsive Templates

Mobile Compatibility

Our web design layouts are specifically tested on and coded for the highest mobile usability. Considerations during development include the following:
  • Number of images, and image file sizes.
  • Amount of scripts and complexity of the code.
  • Meta tags for better mobile display
  • Page layout widths, heights and flexibility of the designs.
  • Ease of navigation and menu placement.
  • Compact CSS code for ease of editing and faster loading.
  • Mobile device compliance.

See also: responsive design and mobile version web templates

Free Builder Programs

The recent trend is for large companies to offer a free website and free hosting, but we all know nothing is really free. Here are the real details:

What you really get with Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly free sites:
  • Free hosting and website includes their advertising.
  • No support is included for free sites.
  • Extra fees for more space and bandwidth.
  • Limited support, space and bandwidth even if you upgrade.
  • Extra fees to use your own domain name.
  • Monthly fees for items other companies offer as one time fees.
  • Difficult or not possible to add 3rd party applications.
If you search at Google for reviews of any of the web providers listed above you will generally find many users that were surprised by the limitations and subsequently disgruntled by just how limited a free website service really is, and in the end how expensive free can be. For more info see website builder or stand alone web templates.

Bizzy CEO

Mega Menu Responsive

Stand Alone HTML Over CMS

A CMS, or content management system, website like the applications offered at Wix, and Squarespace are not portable. In other words, once you setup a website with one of these systems and you decide you would like to switch to another hosting service provider, you will not be able to download and move your website. This type of website can only work on the providers website and can only be updated using their proprietary software.

A stand alone downloadable HTML website template, like all the designs we offer, is downloaded to the users computer. The download includes the complete website and all source code so you are free to use this website any way your web development project requires and it will work with any hosting provider.

See also: choosing a site builder or stand alone website

Real Business Needs a Real Website

Although it is hard to resist anything free, or easy, the hard and fast rule is that you don't get anything for free. At Allwebco we take both our developer quality websites and web hosting seriously, and we take your website and your hosting seriously.

Our designs are used by business professionals, government agencies, non-profit organizations, law firms, medical institutions as well as a large variety of small business and personal websites. Every design we offer is a developer quality HTML website. No other web template company offers so much with each and every design.

Only Allwebco Design offers website layouts with so many features, scripts, dynamic elements and pre-formatted webpages built right into the designs. HTML contact and quotes forms, dynamic photo galleries, slideshows, PDF downloads, site search, jQuery animation, and more. See Features for details.

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