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DLX Tablet iPad Web Templates

iPad & Tablet DLX Website Templates

HTML5 Web Standards For Tablet, Mobile, Desktop & Laptops
Built in basic HTML5 and CSS3, includes 17 pages: Home, about, 4 articles, contact form page, 3 slideshow style 18 image galleries, site map, downloads, links, payments, thanks pages. iPad, iPhone, smartphone and mobile optimized for all web browsers, computer and device types. Works with any hosting company or can be ordered with any Allwebco hosting package and a domain.
Business Tablet & iPad Web Template

iPad & Tablet Business Web Templates

Includes Forms, PDF Downloads & Lytebox Gallery
Built in basic HTML5 and CSS, includes 18 pages: Home, about, contact and quotes form, 3 Lytebox list style image galleries, site map, PDF downloads, 4 articles, links, payments, thanks pages. iPad, iPhone, smartphone, mobile, as well as PC and Mac, optimized. Works with any web hosting company or can also be ordered as a complete website with any hosting package and domain.
Light Tablet & iPad Web Template

Light iPad & Tablet Web Templates

Includes Optional Paypal Shopping Cart Page
Basic HTML5 and CSS design, includes 10 pages: Home, about, contact form, site map, links, products or services page with optional Paypal shopping cart, thanks pages. iPad, iPhone, smartphone and mobile optimized. Also configured for all web browsers, computer and device types. Works with any hosting company or can be ordered with a web hosting account and domain.
Drop Menu & Video Tablet Designs

Drop Menu With Video Website Designs

Includes HTML5 Video and CSS Drop Down Menus
HTML5 and CSS with drop down menus, includes 26 pages: Home, contact & quotes form, about, map, links, clients, solutions, testimonials, privacy policy, PDFs, FAQ, news, paypal payments, 3 galleries with optional Paypal cart, slideshow, 4 video pages, thanks pages. Tablet, surface smartphone and mobile optimized plus designed for all browsers, computer and device types PC and Mac. Works with any host company or can be ordered with a web hosting account and domain.
Garden & Tablet Web Template

Garden HTML5 Drop Menu Web Templates

Includes Drop Menus With Paypal cart Available
Drop menu HTML5 and CSS design, includes 15 pages: Home, about, contact form, site map, services, testimonials, links, news, custom payments page, three 12 image galleries, slideshow, thanks, missing page. Tablet and mobile optimized. Also configured for all web browsers, computer and device types. Works with any hosting company or can be ordered with hosting and a domain.
Tablet Webpage Addons

iPad & Tablet Website Addons

Includes Drop Menus With Paypal cart Available
Easy to add upgrades and webpage template addons. Available now is the CSS drop menu addon for all iPad templates we offer. If you like to order a custom addon or extra page type for any iPad/Tablet website design we offer please contact us for a price quote.

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Allwebco Tablet and iPad Web Templates

No monthly fees: Configured for iPad and tablet computers as well as laptops, PC and Mac desktop computers and other devices. Allwebco iPad HTML5 website templates include multiple pages, style css files for colors, fonts sizes and layout. Graphic logo header, or plain text header option, professional contact and quotes forms, plus global Javascript "include" menu files for quick website updates. See design layout samples for: iPad Business, Tablet & Pad Websites and Tablet, iPad Light for Surface.

Web templates may include the following features and / or pages: Homepage, about, our clients, company news or press, web links, products and/or services, employment, photography image gallery(s), contact and quotes form pages, PDF and/or zip downloads, client testimonials, a contact "thanks" page, and a "missing file not found" webpage. Website template pages can be duplicated or re-named to add new webpages to your site. Edit the website template "menu.js" global plain text menu file. New website template pages and links in the menu can be added using a free plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Built including smartphone and mobile device optimization. For more details see how to create a mobile website.

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Allwebco iPad Webpage Templates, the Smart Choice:

Basic HTML5 designed website templates, standard .jpg images and multiple pages with scripts and CSS built into all designs are just a few of the reasons to choose an Allwebco iPad website template. Most other web template companies will include only 1 or 2 pages with your purchase and you, as the developer, must duplicate these pages to create additional areas on your website. The multiple pages included with our designs are setup with pre-formatted webpages for some of the more popular website areas like: contact/quotes forms, PDF downloads, testmonials, articles, staff page and more. Tablet mobile & smartphone optimization is already included as well as SEO (search engine optimization) code and meta tags to allow for you to easily optimize your website for popular search engines like Google, MS Bing and Yahoo! See website template features for more details. Fully guaranteed with a 100% money back policy, any Allwebco iPad/Tablet website template is returnable within 30 days. Trade-ins on any design are allowed for up to 90 days and upgrades for any web template design are allowed for the life of all our designs. If any web template is upgraded you can, at any time, request a new free download. We have many free addons and upgrades available and over 300 pages of help and setup info available in the web template template support site.

iPad Optimized Website Templates:

Built in HTML5, using all standard .jpg image files that can be replaced with your own .jpg images, these website templates are optimized for all popular tablet computers, including iPad, as well as iPhone and all popular smartphones. No graphics editing software or knowledge is required to setup any iPad website template for your custom site project. All iPad web templates feature built-in CSS style mouseover effects plus many other built-in Javascript and CSS style features.

iPad website template downloads will include all of the source code and files used for the design, plus step by step setup help, and unlimited access to our website template support area. Helpful and timely email support is included with every order. Works with all hosting account types and companies and fully compatible in all modern, as well as many older, web browsers like: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Netscape, Opera, etc. Configured for tablets (iPad), Smartphones (iPhone), laptops, most mobile devices as well as Mac and PC (Windows) desktop computers. Check the FAQ for more.

iPad Web Template Options

  • No monthly fees.
  • Built in HTML5.
  • HTML5 forms included.
  • All standard .jpg images.
  • CSS style code is global.
  • Use any text or HTML5 editor.
  • Order with, or without, hosting.
  • Flash alternate content detection.
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iPad Website Template Details

  • No monthly fees.
  • Setup options included.
  • Comprehensive instructions.
  • Support site help is included.
  • No graphics editing is required.
  • Inexpensive way to set up your site.
  • Easy to use iPad website templates.
  • Original designs you can not get anywhere else.
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