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Responsive design for mobile devices, tablet, PC and Mac desktop, laptop computers. HTML5 / CSS. View Slate samples page
Slate, HTML5 responsive website design

mobi-Hybrid® - Built For All Devices

Allwebco mobi-Hybrid® musician's website templates are complete websites with multiple pre-formatted pages plus dynamic elements built right into the designs. W3C compliant responsive design with HTML5 / CSS, and built using replaceable standard .jpg, .gif and .png image files. Layout styles, fonts and colors are all defined in the global css style sheet to allow for easy design updates. Pages include: Homepage, three music album pages, with mp3 sample links, videos page, mp3 purchasing page (through Amazon, iTunes and others through TuneCore), dynamic image galleries and contact page. Built for musicians, media artists and performers. Step by step instructions included. See also How to setup a mobile website.

Flexible Responsive Designs

HTML5 music webpage template designs are built for the highest compatibility on all mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. mobi-Hybrid® web designs allow for any webmaster to setup only a single set of webpages for all users, devices and computers. Responsive design means that the webpages, through the use of css and meta tags, will conform to the user's device and allow for minimal zooming, panning and scrolling. On PC and Mac the pages expand to better fill the screen resolution and on smaller devices the site shrinks to fit, "stacking" any elements that are too wide for the browser software. This allows for the optimal viewer experience no matter what type of computer is being used. All site elements will be easily viewable in any web browser. HTML5 with css for all styles and layout. Step by step instructions, and support included.

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