Real HTML5 Developer Grade Websites

Tablet, iPad, Surface and mobile friendly website designs for professionals and novice webmasters.
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Surface Group Three
Metro City Design

Metro Web Design

Stock photos are included with all downloads. Photo theme: City, Chicago and downtown spaces and skyscrapers, general business. Color theme: Solid black with red highlights. Design includes 10 total webpages: Contact form, testimonials, products page with optional Paypal shopping cart, plus more.

Designed For Tablet

Tablet and surface computer compatible. Built in HTML5 with a global css style sheet. Configured for viewability on the widest range of both desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices. Tablet and surface friendly. All pages are designed with W3C compliant meta tags for "viewport" using the default "device-width", plus "Cache-Control" content "max-age" set so users can view your latest updates. All stock photos are integrated using optimal width and height plus saved and sized for the optimal file size to allow fast webpage load times. Layout widths are setup as mobile friendly and can be easily modified in the global css style sheet. Built in HTML5 web standards code to allow for the highest cross-device compatibility.

Inspiration Web Template

Inspiration website Template

Tablet / surface optimized. Stock photos included using image theme: Insiprational, religious, at peach, church and study group, people and places. Color theme: White, blue, tan with colorful images. 10 pages included: Multi-field contact form, client testimonials, products ordering page with an optional Paypal shopping cart included, more.

HTML5 Design Colorado

Colorado HTML5 Webpage Design

Tablet and Surface friendly design. Image theme: Southwestern, mountains, cliffs, skiing, Colorado, Arizona and Utah stock images. Color theme: White, brown and blue highlights. Ten total webpages included with the download.

California Website Design

California Pre-Built Website

Designed for optimal display on tablet & surface plus popular mobile devices. Included stock image theme: California, LA, San Francisco and West coast images. Color theme: Black and white. HTML5 and css design with Javascript included for the global menu, header and footer.

Marissa Tablet Optimized Website

Marissa Pink Theme

Stock images: Female, feminine, beauty, human, flowers and garden. Color theme: White and pink, lavender, magenta, purple. Developed for tablet / surface, iPad, iPhone and mobile viewability.

Allwebco Design Corporation
Mobile Tablet Configured