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Optimized for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, iPad, iPhone and other mobiles as well as configured for PC and Mac desktop and laptop computers, all Allwebco mobi-Hybrid web templates are responsive, complete sites that are setup with multiple pages, dynamic working photo galleries and global menus, footers and CSS style sheets. All web template designs are designed using standard .jpg stock photos using HTML5 code and are fully optimized for mobile. For both professional developers as well as novice users, comprehensive instructions and support are included.

Maintain One Website For All Devices

mobi-Hybrid web templates are responsive designs created as cross-browser and cross-devices sites allowing for compatibility on the most mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. With our mobiles you will no longer need to setup a separate website for PC and Mac, and then another site for mobile. mobiHybrid covers the full spectrum of operating systems and web browsers.

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