Web Templates for Photography

Responsive for smartphones, all devices and computers
Responsive Composition Web Designs

Composition Art Responsive

2019 | Drop Down Menus, Lytebox, Optional Paypal Cart
Responsive photography and art HTML5 / CSS with built-in jQuery scripts. Use with any hosting company. Features: Plain text drop down menus, multiple animated Lytebox gallery pages and slideshows, built-in auto watermarks, contact form, graphic or text header, homepage jQuery .jpg image slideshow (Flash-free). Comprehensive instructions. Pages can be duplicated for unlimited expandability. Lytebox viewers include a unique title for each slide image.

Responsive for smartphones, all devices and computers
Signature Responsive Photography Web Templates

Signature Responsive Photography

Complex Image Viewers With Associated Embedded HTML Page
Responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile HTML5 / CSS3 photography and art website templates. Features include: Drop menus, multiple gallery pages and multiple slideshows, built-in auto watermarks, contact form, services and about page, graphic or plain text header animated homepage slideshow. Step-by-step setup instructions. Self contained website can be used with any web hosting company. Available with or without shopping cart.

Responsive HTML Designs
Garden Web Designs

Garden Responsive

2019 | Responsive Design, Drop Menus - jQuery Home Page Slideshow
Drop menu HTML5 design available with or without a Paypal shopping cart. Three 6 image list style galleries (expandable) with Lytebox viewers, graphic or text header, social icon setup. Mobile compatible jQuery home page Flash-free slideshow animation. Built in HTML5 and CSS, includes instructions and support. For photographers, artists or any type of image showcase or on-line sales.

Mobile version included
Gallery Style Web Site Templates

Gallery With Mobile Sub-Site

Includes Mobile Version Sub-Site With CSS Detection
Artists and photographer HTML5 / CSS web designs. Order with or without a hosting account and domain. Features: Multiple photo/art image gallery pages, Paypal optional cart pages, 5 quick change color themes, built in watermarks, Lytebox slideshow sets, full instructions, contact form, graphic or text header, homepage mobile friendly jQuery .jpg image slideshow for Flash-free animation, or optional non-animation homepage. Add an unlimited number of galleries and photographs to each page. Includes integrated mobile site with CSS mobile detection.

Integrated mobile version included
Business Gallery Web Template

Business With Mobile Sub-Site

Drop Menus, Lytebox, Color Themes and Built-in Mobile Version
HTML5 / CSS3 with integrated mobile sub-site. Features include: Drop menus, .jpg multiple photography/art galleries, Paypal shopping cart option, auto built in watermark, Lytebox gallery and slideshows, jQuery homepage slideshow animation, HTML contact form, 5 quick change color themes, integrated mobile site with passive CSS detection for mobile. Plain text global menus. Comprehensive step by step instructions. Pages can be duplicated to add more.

Responsive Minisites
Minisite Photography Web Templates

Minisite Photography

Budget Priced - Easy Expandable Templates
Mobile responsive photography, artistic HTML5 & CSS web template designs. Can be ordered with or without a hosting account and a domain name. Features include: Gallery slideshow page (can be duplicated), Graphic or text header, Flash-free. Step-by-step setup instructions. Duplicate pages to add an unlimited number of gallery pages and photos. Can be combined with other Minisite templates for unlimited expandablity. Addons also available.

Includes Mobile Version
Garden Web Designs

Art Masters

Mobile Version With CSS Detection Overlay
For painters and photographers. HTML5 CSS designs with mobile version sub site and css mobile detection. Features: animated jQuery dynamic homepage slideshow, contact and quotes forms, quick change color themes, social icons, multiple formatted web pages for services, news, art galleries, slideshows (expandable), public domain master paintings stock photos. Works using any website hosting company on any server type. Instructions plus support are included.

With Integrated Mobile Website Version
Garden Web Designs


Integrated Mobile Version With Intro Selection Page
HTML5 / CSS designs with mobile sub website. Optional Paypal shopping cart, contact and quotes forms, full image backgrounds. Works with any hosting company on any server type. Features: Social icons, multiple pre-formatted webpages for services, clients, news, PDF downloads, three Lytebox gallery pages and slideshow (expandable), optional Paypal cart. Instructions and support included.

Video Media Web Templates For Videography

Video Media Websites

Drop Menus, Associated HTML Page Viewers and Video
HTML5 / CSS design, videography, photography and art website templates. Can be ordered with or without a hosting account and domain. Features include: Multiple photo/art and HTML5 video gallery pages, drop menus, optional Paypal shopping cart pages included, built-in watermarks, editable title and descriptive text for each image, contact form, graphic or text header, homepage mobile friendly jQuery .jpg image slideshow for Flash-free animation. Step-by-step setup instructions. Supports unlimited image and video gallery pages.

Resume Portfolio

Résumé Portfolio

For performing artists and agents
For actors, singers, dancers, agents and other performing artists. Features include biography and press pages, contact form, four pagechange type galleries (expandable), slideshow and head shot pages, social links setup, home page 8 image jQuery slideshow. Order with or without hosting & domain. Flash-free HTML5 / CSS design. Instructions and support included.

Studio Photography Web Templates

C0Studio Photography

Budget Priced - Best for Family Websites
Photo and art web templates. Can be ordered with, or without, domain and hosting. Includes: Multiple photo and/or art galleries, contact form page, graphic of Flash header setup to display alternate content in non-Flash web browsers. Sidebar .jpg auto-slideshow application. Flash software not needed. Step-by-step setup help. Supports an unlimited number of gallery pages and photos per webpage. Includes 6 gallery pages (expandable). HTML built website templates.

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Photography and Art Web Template Details

No monthly fees: All Allwebco photography web templates are stand alone HTML web templates built with multiple pages, style css files for layout, colors and fonts, graphic logo header, or plain text Flash header with built-in Flash detection, professional contact forms, and global Javascript menus for easy website updates. Website templates may include the following features and/or pages: Home, about us, client list, news or press, website links, products and services, employment opportunities, photography gallery, contact form, PDF or zip downloads, testimonials, a contact "thank you" page, and a "missing, file not found" page. Each web template page can be easily duplicated or re-named to allow for any other function on your website by editing the plain text web template global "menu.js" menu file. New photographer's web template pages and menu links can be added using any plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Built with mobile & smartphone optimization.

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HTML Photography Web Templates

Each photographer's website template includes all .jpg standard image files that you can replace with your own .jpg images. Graphics training or knowledge, or special software is not required to build your custom website project using Allwebco web template designs. Web templates include Flash animations, with detection and mobile smartphone optimization. Adobe Flash software is not needed to edit any Flash text or any of the animated .jpg images or photos. Web templates are built with editable CSS colors, fonts and "style" and rollover/mouseover effects, plus many other Javascript and CSS features are built-in. Built using all basic HTML, website template downloads include all of the source code and files used in the original design, step-by-step instructions, access to the Web template searchable support website, plus timely comprehensive e-mail support. Allwebco web templates can be used for any type of website, business or personal, using any host company. Built to be compatible in all newer, as well as all popular older web browsers. MSIE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and more. For Mac or PC, computers, laptops, tablet computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Read the web template F.A.Q.

Why Allwebco Photography Web Templates Are Your Best Website Choice?

Most photography web template vendors only provide graphic built web templates. Graphics editing knowledge will be required to edit the web template menu files and add new items, or to change/edit the photography web template fonts and colors. See web template color editing support. Other web templates will, in most cases, include only one or two pages in the download. Usually a home-page and one sample sub-page, unlike Allwebco photography web templates, these are not complete HTML web templates. Contact or other HTML webpage scripted forms may not be built into the design. Allwebco photography web templates are built in basic HTML and are not Flash built websites. Any template built as a "Flash only" web template will have two major disadvantages: You will need to have Flash software and training to setup your site and "Flash only" website templates will usually list very poorly in search engines like Google because of a lack of page text for search engines (SEO) to see and properly index. Any Allwebco web template is returnable within 30 days for a 100% full money back refund. Web templates can be upgraded within 90 days to receive full credit on the original purchase. Updates are completely free indefinitely. When any web template design is updated you can request a "free of charge" new download. We also have many free web template upgrades and add-ons available for download as well as more than 300 webpages of help, details and information available in our searchable web template support site.

Paypal & 2CO Photography Cart Details

The Paypal shopping cart included in Allwebco photography web site templates can be used to sell and display any type of product or item you intend to offer on your website. A Paypal merchant account is totally free to create. Options can be included in the Paypal form code for size, color, plus other options you may require. See options details and support. Web templates may, or may not, include a 2CO shopping cart. There is a small setup fee to create a 2CO merchant account.

Photography Options

Photo Site Details

  • (No monthly fees)
  • Easy setup options
  • Step-by-step setup help
  • Graphics editing not required
  • Mobile smartphone optimization
  • All work done by you, saving money
  • Access to the support area included
  • Inexpensive, easy way to build your website
  • Professional templates you can not get anyplace else
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Allwebco photographer's web templates are sold exclusively on the Allwebco Design website and are not available on any other website.