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A04 Latte Photography Website Template With Integrated Mobile

A04 Latte Photography Drop Menu Web Template Image

Photography Drop Menu Website Template Design

With Built-In Mobile Sub-site: The A04 Latte photography business drop menu website template is designed for the highest compatibility in all web browsers on Mac as well as all Window PC platforms. Upgrade downloads are included free with any order and will include the latest version with all new added features included on release. HTML Contact forms are built right into the website and are setup with standard formatting to allow for any server side email script to be used to setup the contact form page easily. An optional Paypal shopping cart is included. You can create your PayPal purchase forms using the PayPal link generator interface in your Paypal account. Allwebco drop menu website templates are designed in HTML using css for all styles. Designs allow for unlimited user modification. Dynamic applications can be added to any design. Dynamic features like HTML5 video, Google Gadgets, Adobe Edge animation, jQuery javascript animation, advanced contact forms, other payment processing links and more. Included stock images can be used for your web development project. Optionally either use the included images, or you can replace them with your own photos. More details can be viewed on the web templates features page. Optimized for mobile.

Latte Photography Business Website Design

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