Aria Musician Website Template

HTML5 / CSS web designs for music web site building and development. Website design for musical artists. Include HTML5 audio and video.
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Aria Musician web template

Musician's Website Template Sample Aria Details:

Musician's web templates are complete websites that include Mp3, HTML5, CSS, Video, Audio, jQuery and pre-formatted webpages designed specifically for musical artists and bands for the most common types of information needed to showcase their music talents. Audio, video, slideshows, contact forms and more are included with built-in interactive scripts to allow for a highly dynamic website design. All images are standard replaceable .jpg images. All menus are plain text to allow for total customization for any website development project. See website features or view the live musician's website template samples.

Music Design Features:

Fallback with Flash and HTML5 code options are included with both the audio and video players for the highest browser compatibility including PC, Mac desktop and laptops, tablets and tablet minis as well as smartphones and other mobile devices. All template webpages can be duplicated to allow for unlimited expandability. Allwebco web template designs are built with global headers, footers, menus and sidebars so site wide website updates are a snap. A global CSS style file is included with every model. No graphics or new software is required to build your musical website project. Compatible with any hosting company on any type of web server. See other mp3 music web templates or view the web template tour.

Audio select players

Built-In HTML5 Audio

Included audio players allow for a user selection for the highest browser compatibility. Player types include: Windows Media, Quicktime, Flash, HTML5, RealAudio, default mp3 player and also a file download option. Any player type can be removed.
HTML5 video

HTML5 Video

The built-in HTML5 video player includes 4 default videos, however more videos can be added. For the best browser compliance five video file types are setup: mp4, m4v, ogv, webm and also wmv for fallback in non-html5 web browser software.

About HTML5 and W3C:

HTML5 markup language is the first created version of "web standards" HTML code and is an upgrade of the older HTML 4.01 code created and recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C. The HTML5 code includes upgrades for web standards audio as well as video and canvas code and consolidates many of the "tags" into leaner HTML page code by using more global css style code. HTML5 is subsume code so it works in concert with older css and HTML code to streamline site upgrades. Features of HTML5 have been designed with the consideration of being able to run on low-powered devices such as smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. It introduces new markup, as well as consolicating older "tags" used in HTML documents. Allwebco web templates are designed using HTML5 to allow for higher compatibility in modern web browsers. See HTML5 at Wikipedia for more details on W3C and HTML5.

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