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Nocturne Musician webpage template

Nocturne Musician Webpage Templates

HTML5 - CSS - jQuery Music Sites:

HTML5 webpage templates developed with mobile optimized pages using current web standards code developed by the WC3. All Allwebco musicians webpage templates are designed using standard .jpg stock images, plain text global menus and footers as well as a global CSS style file for easy webpage modifications. Mobile browser detection is included with all musician web page templates that include Flash animation. Detection is not required with sites that include jQuery animation. Comprehensive online support is included with each HTML musician template order. For more details check what are webpage templates? or see the webpage template tour. For help with understanding webpage HTML5 code, see HTML5 at Wikipedia. Compatible with any computer OS and web browser software as well as popular mobile web browsing devices, tablet computers and smartphones. Works with web hosting from any vendor.

Music File Sizes and Hosting Space

One consideration when building a music website is the audio / video files sizes. You will need to make sure there is enough web hosting disk space for your mp3 and mp4 files. You will want to calculate the number of mp3 songs by the size of each file.

Bandwidth consideration: Disk space is one concern, but you will also need to keep the hosting bandwidth allotment in mind. This is the amount of GBs downloaded that is allowed on your website that the users viewing your music and videos will use. Calculate this the same way your disk space is calculated as outlined in the sections below. Bandwidth amount is usually a monthly usage. Example 300 GBs of bandwidth allows for 31,578 four minute long 320 KBit mp3 downloads per month. Video on the other hand will use up a much greater amount of bandwidth. For a 200 MB video in a 300GB hosting setup you'll be able to support about 1500 downloads a month. To conserve bandwidth check the Youtube option in the next section.

Mp3 Audio

Mp3 songs can be saved at different quality settings for speed of the download. From a low, 128 KBits/s to high quality at 320 KBits/s (At 44100Hz Stereo). You can balance the quality with the download speed and use from 192 to 256 KBits/s. Low quality 128 KBits mp3s save around one MB per minute. 320 KBits songs save at 2.3 MBs per minute. You may want to experiment with your music files and balance out the quality to the file size. Consider that your music will download faster the lower you save the KBits at.

Website Video

Website video will use up a larger amount of your hosting bandwidth and disk space. From about 60 to 400 MBs for each movie file. Another option is to create a Youtube account and get the embed code provided by them to display video directly on your website. This will allow you to conserve disk space as well as bandwidth in your hosting account. For more details check Using YouTube Video.

Video File Types To Use

Currently the most compatible format to use for website video is mp4 H.264 (In your software save at the "H.264 mp4" if it is available). When using the HTML5 <audio> tag so you can show HTML5 video embedded directly into your webpages you'll need to convert your movies to the following file types: mp4 (H.264), m4v, ogv, webm, and also wmv and mov formats. If you include wmv and mov formats you will need to use what is called "fallback" code to allow display in older web browser software. Check HTML5 video code.

Advertising - AdSense

You can optionally include banner ads to generate extra income. Google AdSense is a free program that serves pay per click ads on any website. See also AdSense Setup.

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