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Requiem Musician web site template

Musician's Web Site Template Requiem:

HTML5 musician web site templates are built in HTML5, CSS and jQuery with Video / Audio code included. Pre-set webpages are included for musicians to allow for the most common types of info required to display the artist's music strengths. HTML5 Audio and video, plus dynamic HTML slideshows, contact form and more are all built right into the code with interactive javascripts to create a dynamic musical web site design. All standard .jpg an .gif stock images that can be replaced with any standard image files. Plain text global menus for quick site-wide updates on any custom web development project. View web site features or see our musician's web site template samples.

Flash music players with HTML5 fallback code is included for both audio file and video file players. Fallback allows for the most browser compatibility on hardware like: PC and Mac, both desktop and laptops, tablets and mini-tablets, also smartphones and mobile device browsers. All of the web site template pages can be duplicated and modified to allow any site development to expand as needed. All HTML5 designs include a global header, footer, menu and sidebar files so web site files can be easily updated. Font, colors and styles are modified by editing the CSS style file included with every design. No graphics software or editing is required to create a music related web site project. Works on any hosting company server. See mp3 music web site templates, or browse the web site design tour page.

Web Standards HTML5:

HTML5 web site templates developed with mobile optimized pages using the latest code recommended by the WC3. All musician's web site templates are developed using .jpg stock images, plain text global menus, headers and footers as well as a CSS style sheet file for quick, easy web site updates. Mobile detection included. Compatible with any OS and web browsing software as well as all popular mobile web viewing devices, tablets, plus smartphones. Works with all web site hosting providers.

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