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Stand Alone Design, Built-In Features

Video and jQuery slideshow code is built right into the Bizzy blue business webpages to allow for dynamic video and slideshow viewing. Webpage template designs use standard video codec for compatibility in all web browser software including IE, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others as well as mobile and tablet devices. Our HTML5 webpage templates are built using both HTML5 and CSS for the highest compatibility in all web browsers and software. All stock photos included with the webpage designs can be replaced with your own images.

jQuery webpage slideshows

jQuery Slideshow Application

HTML5 web page video

YouTube Video

HTML5 Webpage Template Details

HTML5 markup webpage language is the latest revision of the W3C web standard code. Upgraded from HTML 4.01, it is mostly completed but is still under development by the W3C web standards project. HTML5 will be the standard for webpage template code until the next update by The World Wide Web Consortium. Easy to work with, HTML5 code is recommended by site developers to setup any website. This code works in concert with all versions of CSS style code as well as Javascript and jQuery to allow for more dynamic webpages that are easy to setup and update.

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