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What Are HTML5 Web Templates?

The HTML5 markup language is the latest edition of the W3C web standards HTML code. Upgraded from the last version of HTML 4.01, it is currently under development by W3C and nearing completion. HTML5 is recommended for website and website template use by W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium as the next version of web standards HTML code. Once completed, HTML5 will be the standard for websites for years to come.

jQuery javascript slideshows

jQuery Javascript Slideshows

HTML5 / CSS video

Integrated YouTube Video

Built-In Features - Video & Audio

HTML5 code has built-in audio, video and canvas code tags for web usage. It updates older HTML tags and markup code into a new more compact version of standard website code, working in conjunction with CSS style code as well as other versions of HTML. New HTML5 code has been designed to run more efficiently on low powered devices such as smart phones, tablets and mobile devices like iPad and iPhone. HTML5 markup code, as well as version 4.01 "tags" can be both used simultaneously in any type of web document. Our website templates are designed and coded using both HTML5 and CSS for the highest compatibility in web browser software on PC, Mac as well as tablets and other mobile devices. For more details and info go to HTML5 at Wikipedia.

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