Self contained HTML Website Templates
Mobile Version vs RWD Responsive Design

Web Templates With a Mobile Version

Web templates on this page all include a top level desktop website with a mobile version sub-website. The mobile version is a separate HTML web template located in its own "mobile" folder. The sub-site is linked from the full or "desktop" website. This allows it to be listed at search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The included mobile version website passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test as "Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly" and rates a 99 out of 100 at Google PageSpeed Insights allowing for comprehensive SEO and maximum mobile search rankings. All of our designs are self contained, ad-free zip file downloaded HTML webpage templates. Compatible with any web hosting company.

Integrated Mobile
Bizzy Black DM
Bizzy Blue DM

Bizzy DM

Available in business, media, merchant & DLX themes
Business web templates with a responsive mobile version subsite included. Global plain text css drop down menus, jQuery homepage animation, seven quick change color themes, social icons. HTML5 & CSS3. Works with any web hosting company or can be ordered with hosting. Available in four versions, media, business, merchant and DLX. Includes instructions & support.

Integrated Adaptive Mobile
Our Earth Green
Our Earth Gray

Our Earth DM

Available in media, merchant, business & DLX versions
Nature theme webpage template designs. Includes mobile version, social icons, css drop menus, seven easy change color themes. Works with any web host company or order with hosting and a domain. Four themes, media, business, merchant and DLX. Instructions & support included.

Drop Menu, Mobile & Video

Homepage interactive jQuery text animation
Css drop down menus, homepage splash jpg image with jQuery text slideshow, integrated mobile version with css overlay detection, Youtube video section, sidebar news scroller, photo gallery and slideshow, pro-footer, site search, contact & quotes forms, eight quick change color themes. Can be ordered with or without hosting and a domain name. Mobile friendly flash-free design. Instructions and support included.
With Mobile Sub-Site

Budget With Mobile

Our lowest priced desktop with mobile webpage designs
Includes integrated responsive mobile sub-website and 8 quick change color themes. HTML5 and CSS3 design, standard .jpg images, sidebar text scroller, site search, pro-footer with social icon setup. Mobile detection overlay allows for passive mobile redirection. Can be used with any web hosting company.
With Mobile Version

Integrated Mobile Version Site Included
Exec HTML website template
Exec HTML website template

Business Drop Menu

HTML5 CSS3 drop menu website templates with integrated mobile sub-site and css overlay detection. Includes six quick change color themes (25 available). Pro-footer, social icons, image gallery with Paypal cart option included. Works with any web hosting company, or order with hosting. Standard replaceable .jpg images. Step-by-step instructions and support included.

With Mobile Sub-Website
TechChrome Design
PsychChrome Design

Business Drop Menu #2

Mobile version sub-website with passive overlay detection, drop down menus, pro-footer, social icons, contact and quotes forms. Six quick change color themes (25 available). Photo gallery with optional Paypal cart, slideshow. Can be setup with any web host or order hosting and a domain. Replaceable .jpg stock photos. Instructions and support included.

Drop Menu With Video

Left global drop down menu HTML website templates. Includes mobile version sub website, Pro-footer, Youtube video section, image gallery, slideshow, home page jQuery slideshow, optional Paypal shopping cart. Step-by-step instructions and support included. Can be ordered with or without web hosting and a domain name. HTML5 / CSS3, standard .jpg images.
Adaptive With Mobile
HTML Interiors Webpage Design
HTML Interiors LXG web template


Includes integrated matching HTML5 mobile website
Full image background HTML5 webpage templates with mobile site. Includes contact & quotes form and 3 page expandable Lytebox gallery with optional Paypal shopping cart. Can be ordered with or without web hosting and a domain name. Mobile friendly Flash-free design. Step-by-step instructions and support included.

Adaptive For MObile
Lotus With Mobile
Graphix Includes Integrated Mobile Version

Photographers Mobile Compliant
A04 Latte
A04 White

Business Photography

Dynamic homepage jQuery slideshow
Drop menus, 5 quick change color themes with integrated mobile version website. HTML5 and CSS3 design with standard .jpg images. 19 pages: multiple image gallery pages, slideshow, optional Paypal shopping cart, custom payments page. CSS detection overlay using Media Queries for mobile redirection. Can be used with any web hosting company.


Dynamic homepage jQuery slideshow animation
Lytebox gallery websites. Includes 5 quick change color themes, mobile sub-website, css overlay detection, social icons. Setup with multiple dynamic image galleries, slideshow and optional Paypal shopping cart. Works with any web hosting or can be ordered with an Allwebco hosting account.
Mobile Site Included
Gallery Gray
Gallery Black

Art Masters

Gallery, slideshow and mobile sub-website
jQuery intro HTML webpage design templates with mobile version website. Includes expandable gallery. Can be ordered with or without hosting and a domain. Flash-free mobile friendly design. Step-by-step instructions and support included.

Art Master With Mobile
Da Vinci Webpage Design
Monet Webpage Design

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What is a Mobile Version Sub Website

The mobile version site included with this website design style is a separate webpage template located inside a sub folder of the desktop website. The mobile version uses the same basic HTML webpages and is responsive as well as optimized for mobile. Some files are "linked" between the 2 websites like gallery images, PDF files, the footer and social icons, however, the HTML webpages are edited separately. This allows you to have a more condensed version of your website on the mobile pages and allows for better SEO (search engine optimization). To help decide if a responsive design web template, or a mobile version website is the best solution for your project see mobile vs responsive. For additional details about desktop sites with a mobile version see mobile sub-sites.

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HTML Webpage Designs

Allwebco website templates are self contained, stand alone, ad-free HTML zip file downloads. Our webpage templates are not linked to our website other than an editable or removable copyright note in the footer. Designs are built using the most current W3C web standards. Royalty free stock photos are included with the download and can be either used as they are, edited as you require or replaced with your own photos. Menus, footers, headers and sidebars are editable plain text global files to allow for easy site-wide updating. No graphics editing is required. Css styles for fonts, colors, layout as well as Media Queries are contained in global files. Editing the css style files will change fonts and colors on all pages. The Media Queries code is used to add the responsiveness for smartphones and other mobile devices. All source files including Photoshop layered PSD files are included with the download. Step by step instructions are included for both novice and first time webmasters, as well as professional developers and designs. Our webpage templates can be used for any type of website project, personal or business. We have available one of the best web template support centers in the business and include timely e-mail support with every order. Our websites work with any web hosting company and are compatible in all newer web browsers as well as many older popular browsers. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. Works on both PC and Mac desktop and laptops.

Mobile Compliance

All of our designs are built to W3C web standards and are rigorously tested on all types of computers, mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. All designs are error free and are built to pass any Google on-line testing applications. We use the latest versions of HTML and CSS to keep your website up to date. Mobile version websites are "RWD" (responsive web design) using Media Queries css code to allow our webpage templates to "flex" to all device screen resolutions.


  • Plain text HTML
  • Social icon setup
  • Step by step instructions
  • Order with or without hosting
  • Inexpensive way to setup a website
  • Work is done by you, saving you money
  • Edit pages in Exp Web, FP, DW, Notepad
  • Read Our FAQ
  • No hidden fees


  • HTML5 / CSS3 code
  • Standard .jpg images
  • Full Support included
  • Global header, footer, menu
  • No graphics editing required
  • CSS for styles, fonts, colors
  • Used by developers and designers
  • More Details
  • No monthly fees

Desktop with mobile version websites are sold exclusively on the Allwebco website and are not available anywhere else.