Network Web Template With Mobile - Lime Green Theme

HTML5 and CSS code with video, Javascript and jQuery animation built-in.
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About The "Real" Allwebco Websites

While most other HTML website template developers offer their design downloads with only one or two pages making the end user duplicate these pages to create the rest of the site, only Allwebco offers "complete" websites on different levels with a complete setup of pre-formatted webpages already included to allow developers, both novice and professional, to simply plug-in their information. Dynamic image galleries and jQuery animation, drop menus, multi-field forms, video and more are all included.

Sample view included web forms

Web Form Page View

Standard template version includes a contact form, drop menu "DM" version includes both contact and custom quotes forms. All forms are editable and fields can be added and removed as your project requires.
Sample view Youtube video

Youtube Video Page View

Four built-in Youtube video pages. Web pages can be duplicated to add more. Setup a free Youtube account and copy the embed code from your video display page to copy into the template pages. Video height and width sizes are editable.

Network Lime Green HTML5 Website Template Sample

Includes matching mobile version sub-site with css overlay detection. HTML5 design, can be ordered with either 16 or 26 pages. Pages included: Home, contact and/or quotes forms, about us, site map (for SEO), web links, client list, solutions or services, client testimonials, a privacy policy, company news, PDF file downloads, FAQ section page, Paypal custom payments page with payment form, three photography gallery pages with an included optional full Paypal shopping cart setup, image slideshow, four Youtube video pages (expandable), missing page, plus a contact and "payment sent" thanks page. Eight quick change CSS style color themes: black, burgundy, cobalt, forest, lime green, navy, white, yellow. Available with or without CSS cascading drop down menus. Standard editable .jpg .png and .gif images, plus plain text menus, header and footer files.

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