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Black Our Earth Business Website Layout

Drop Menu Layouts For Business

Allwebco drop down css menu web templates are created with HTML5 and CSS. Mobile device optimization for devices like iPhone, iPad, plus other tablet and smartphone devices is built into the code. Professionally formatted pages for common functions is built right into the design and will include: home page, about, news and press, resources and links, products or services, contact, quote form, dynamic .jpg photography galleries, jQuery slide shows, PDF downloads, F.A.Q sections, thank you contact page, missing page. Optionally, version may also include dynamic jQuery slideshows, video sections and a Paypal shopping cart. Each website template webpage can be copied or renamed to add new pages or change the page function. Buttons can be added, or removed, in the global text menus using any editor like Notepad or TextEdit.

About HTML5 Web Template Code

The HTML5 markup web page language is the first version of "web standards" website code developed by W3C. It is upgraded from the popular HTML 4 and 4.01 and is recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium. The latest build of HTML5 includes web standards for: audio, and video website display. HTML5 updates a large number of the older HTML "tags" into a new clean version of standard website code and is used in conjunction with css 1, 2 and 3. Working in concert with css, and earlier versions of HTML as well. Included HTML5 features have been coded for running more efficiently with less errors on low powered devices like smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The latest HTML5 markup, CSS, and older HTML 4.01 "tags", can all be used on any type of webpage document or for any type of site design. Allwebco website templates are built with HTML5 and CSS to allow for the most compatibility in all web browser software. See also HTML5 at Wikipedia to view more details.

Expandable HTML Design

New webpages & menu buttons can be added to expand your website as your IT project requires. Each website template page is built with a unique .jpg image that can easily be replaced with your own standard .jpg images. All stock images in the samples are included so graphic image editing is not needed. Animation, both image and text, is created using jQuery Javascript and CSS code or Flash with linked files & mobile and no-Flash detection scripts. Images can either be replaced, or the included default stock .jpg images can be used for any website building project.

Setup Help & Support

HTML5 drop down menu website template designs are recommended for professional developers, but can also be used by novice users to build a new, or update an existing website. Every HTML5 web template download will include complete step by step instructions that covers all areas of website development and building. The help page includes links to related pages in our support website. Allwebco HTML5 website template designs work perfectly with any host company on all server types. Built with web standards HTML5 for optimal display in all new, as well as older, web browser software: MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, iPhone, iPad, smartphones, mobile and tablets plus more. view web template features.

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