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HTML5 Website Layouts With CSS Drop Menus

HTML webpage templates are built using W3C standards HTML5 and CSS code. Mobile / smartphone optimization for devices like iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets is designed right into the website code. Professionally pre-formatted pages for popular projects is included into the webpage design. Pages and features included are: home page, about, press, links, services, contact and quotes forms, Lytebox popup .jpg photography galleries, dynamic jQuery slideshows, PDF download links, FAQ section, contact thanks and more. Each web template page can be copied and/or re-named to include new pages, or to change any page purpose. Buttons on the menus can be added, or removed, by editing the global text menus in any editing software like Notepad, TextEdit and others.

What Are HTML5 Websites?

HTML5 code markup webpage language is the very first implementation of the "web standards" website HTML code developed by W3C and others. It is an upgrade from the older HTML 4.01 code. Recommended by The World Wide Web Consortium or W3C. HTML5 standards include new code for: audio & video web display. The new code updates many of the old HTML 4.01 "tags" into a new cleaner version of HTML website code.

Used in conjunction with css 1, 2 and 3 for high compatibility on devices and also PC and Mac. It works in conjunction with css, as well as older implementations of HTML. Features included with HTML5 have been specifically designed to display and run more efficiently with less flaws on low power mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and others. HTML5 markup, CSS, and also HTML 4.01 "tags" can all be used together on any type of web page, or for any type of website project. Allwebco web templates are designed with HTML5 and CSS. This allows for the most compatibility in current web browsing software. HTML5 at Wikipedia.

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