Flash Free Templates

Most Allwebco web templates use either dynamic CSS or jQuery (a library of Javascript functions) for animation and slideshows.
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Easy Difficulty
Every Allwebco template includes a graphic logo or plain text logo option. jQuery and css3 is used for slideshows and other dynamic webpage elements.
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Medium Difficulty
No Flash animation included. Mobile friendly HTML5 CSS templates optimized for all device and computer types. Css Media Queries code is used for responsiveness.
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Easy Difficulty
No Flash animation included. Responsive HTML5 CSS website templates configured to work on any device or any computer type. Cellphones, iPods, iPads, Blackberry as well as tablets, laptops, PC and Mac. See mobi-Hybrid®

Easy Difficulty
No Flash animation included. Configured for iPad and tablets but also work perfectly on PC and Mac, laptops and most mobiles. See iPad web templates