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Signature Art Gallery Web Templates:
Includes 6 gallery pages and 6 slideshows (expandable to as many as you need). Basic HTML and CSS designs, all templates are stand alone websites that work with any web hosting company on any server type. Download includes all source code and images, step by step instructions, access to our searchable support center and timely e-mail support.

  • Optimized for desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and all mobile devices.
  • Step by step instructions.
  • Drop menus, responsive for mobile (click style).
  • Six gallery pages with 72 .jpg images total (expandable).
  • Six dynamic jQuery slideshows.
  • Animated homepage slideshow.
  • Built-in watermark.
  • Available with or without shopping cart.
  • Image viewers with unique embedded html page description for each image.
  • Embedded page can optionally not be used.
  • Embedded page can have multiple images added, animation or scripts or video.
  • Contact form, services page, about us, plus more.
  • Graphic logo or text logo option.
  • Flash-free HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery design.
  • Has the best rating possible of 100/100 for user experience at Google PS Insights.
Allwebco Web Templates
Allwebco Super Cool Web Site Templates