Miscellaneous Features

Below are just a few of the features included with many Allwebco templates.
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Easy Difficulty
A PDF gallery with links is setup to offer free PDF downloads. To sell PDF file downloads see selling downloadable files.
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Easy Difficulty
A simple clickable calendar setup is included. This is not a back-end script so it is easy to setup, however this does not include many advanced features seen in other calendar scripts.
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Medium Hard Difficulty
Templates that include spaces for either Google AdSense or other advertising. AdSense can be added to any Allwebco template, however, if a template is not AdSense ready this may involve extra editing to fit the ads.
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Easy Difficulty
Either an FAQ section with popups or a dynamic FAQ section is included. Also available as an add-on.
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Easy Difficulty
Includes a semi-transparent .gif image layered over all full sized gallery images. Helps discourage image copying.
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NOTE: Other template features include: Site maps, clients or testimonials pages, about page, links pages, services pages and many others.