Allwebco Complete Website Templates

Special Offer if you Live in the Chicago Area

Allwebco is offering the choice of any free template and custom photographs from your place of business added to your template in exchange for the opportunity to use images from your workplace on our templates. We also offer hourly rates for interested models.

Some model types and/or businesses we are looking for:
  • Photogenic male and/or females over the age of 18
  • Most any interesting place of business
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Pet stores
  • Beauty salons
  • Law offices
  • Any office of 10 or more employees
  • Machine shops and Tool & Die
  • Bright clean well lit offices
  • Medical related
  • Live musical bands
  • Art studios
  • Art galleries
  • Auto repair or dealers

If you live in the downtown or suburban Chicago area, we will come to your place of business for a custom photo session. Your workplace and any willing employees will be included in the photographs and added to your choice of any Allwebco template by professional graphic designers. The equipment we will be using is a Canon EOS digital 6.3mp SLR camera.

Benefits to you:
  • Free choice of any Allwebco web template.
  • Photos of your workplace and/or employees added at no charge.
  • One Free custom template geared to your specific business.
  • Rates of $40 per hour with travel time and paid lunch.
  • Your place of business must be clean and have enough interest for us to use the photos taken for resale.
  • You must allow Allwebco to use images from your place of business on our other web templates for resale and allow us to resell your images freely.
  • Any individuals included in the images must sign a model release form.

Please contact us if you are interested or believe you may have an interesting workplace photo session to offer