What are Website Templates?

A website template is a pre-designed webpage, or set of HTML webpages that anyone can use to "plug-in" their own text content and images into. Usually built with HTML and CSS code, website templates allow anyone to setup a website without having to hire a professional web developer or designer, although, many developers do use website templates to create sites for their clients. This allows anyone to build a reasonably priced personal or business website that can then be listed in search engines when users search for your specific product or service. In the case of Allwebco website templates, each template is a complete website that you can use to "plug-in" your own text and images with little, or no, editing of the layout or design.

"Website templates allow novice web developers to quickly build a website without the need to create webpages from scratch."

What Can a Web Template Include?

jQuery and Flash animation, shopping carts, contact forms, dynamic image galleries, a PDF download links page, and video players are just a few of the features that can be built into a design.

When selecting a website template, you will want to make sure it already includes the functions, scripts and applications you require for your development project, as web template designs and code vary widely from vendor to vendor. Text and images can be added to the ready-made pages, and the already included images can be replaced with the users own .jpg images. If you are setting up a website for the first time all Allwebco designs include comprehensive step-by-step instructions and built-in features. Also see how to build a website.

Website Templates and Developers
Because our website templates are complete designs that include multiple pages and built-in scripts, we do have many developers that use our designs to create sites for their clients. Additionally, any website template we offer can be purchased by a client and they can then outsource or hire a developer to complete their website using our design and layout. Using a website template as a base and having a professional complete the site will still allow for a great savings over having a developer create a new website from scratch. There are no restrictions on how a website is setup using one of our web templates once purchased. See our template users agreement for more details on usage and restrictions.

"Using a website template as a base and having a professional complete the site will still allow for a great savings over having a developer create a site from scratch."

About HTML and CSS Design
HTML and CSS are both plain text code languages that are used to allow web browsers to render webpages as designed. See HTML CSS details for more information.

Website Templates and a Unique Website

If a user is concerned that by using a website template, they will not be getting a unique website, you may want to consider that many billions of websites exist, and countless templates are available from a vast number of companies. The odds are nearly astronomical that a surfer would ever see two sites that are using the same website template design. Additionally, when setting up your website you will most likely edit all text and replace most images to make your website project unique. All our templates also use global CSS code and allow for easy color changes as well as font and some layout/design modifications.

Web "Builder" Programs

Website building programs offered by Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, web.com, Godaddy and others include a proprietary editing program that allows the user to edit their website directly on-line though a web browser interface using their web template library. Although this sounds convenient, something to keep in mind is that you may spend many hundreds of hours creating and updating your website and you do not have a copy of it anywhere except inside the web builder's program cloud. Since our web templates are download to your computer, you will have a copy of your website that you can upload with any other hosting service and are not locked into a single company provider.

Why Choose Web Templates Over a CMS
A CMS, or "content management system", also sometimes call a "web builder", is a computer program that allows editing and publishing website content from a central interface like a web browser.

Proprietary CMS and web builder systems are offered through many hosting companies, however, when using the stock website template designs included with the host package, your website will not be "portable" and you would find it difficult to place your site on your computer and switch to another hosting company at a later time. Additionally, search engine optimization can be more difficult to setup as well as adding applications or animation like you may see on other websites. Customization in these cases can be more limiting.

With Allwebco web templates all source code and files are included in the download. There are no restrictions of any kind on what you can add, or remove, from the designs, allowing you more flexibility and unlimited expandability on your website. And you will always have a backup copy of your entire website on your computer.

"Website templates help make affordable professional-looking websites available to everyone."

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Only Allwebco Design offers web templates with so many features and pre-formatted web pages built into the designs. HTML contact / quotes forms, dynamic image galleries, PDF downloads, jQuery & Flash animation, and more. See Features for details.
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